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Old Man


Jack4 brings us his version of Morgan Katarn named Old Man. It looks as if he just stole it right out of the game, which I think he did. The sounds that are on this skin are not the normal ones, but
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they are just from a different skin. When you try to use the team colors it looks just like the regular team colors, maybe he could have maybe the transparency color to change. There is no bot support unfortunately, but I guess you could live without it. I liked the fact that you could fully see through him without seeing any full spots around him, but you can see the same thing with the morgan ghost. Its very disappointing that he didn't do diddly squat! Instead of changing the icon and things like that he just copied it. The skin looks very plain just like the normal one from when you type morgan/ghost so he really just wasted his time making this. Overall this is a skin that no one should download instead just type /model morgan/ghost and you will get the same result. It looks just like the Morgan in the Valley of the Jedi Scene so why bother downloading it. I am very upset that it does not have any bot support or new sounds espescially that he copied it straight from the game. He did not do anything special with this skin to tell you the truth... all he really had to do is type the /model morgan/ghost, which is not that hard at all. s I didn't even care to see this skin because it was just a copy of a skin that was already made. I would rarley ever get a skin like this because Its already a part of the game this skin because it is just a waste of memory and it is already part of the game. It can get annoying too because you can see through your person which makes it a bit distracting (In my case at least). You should not even bother pressing the download button, because it will just be a waste of memory. Seriously Jack4 it would be really nice if you could actually make a skin not just take it from the game. At least he added a Shader. Rating: 2/10 -XgamerX :rock: New Sounds: No Team Colors: Yes Bot Support: No

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