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Master Ryk


Master Ryk There’s something about this skin that’s just…how to put it best…ah! Like the author said, evil. :P Yes evil is a good word for this skin, given that while the author, TrykxX_36, says
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some sounds have been removed to reduce the amount of swearing…(huh) there are still a few swear words floating around in there ;) Ok so anyways, on to the evilness of the skin. The first thing you’ll notice is that there are actually five skins included here. The Default skin is really the only skin that stands out from the rest. The others look like they’ve been spending way too much quality time near the microwave because they really, and I mean really radiate. First though, the default skin is probably my favorite. The shaders used in this skin are probably the most subtle, but still very prominent given the eyes pulsate and glow, very cool looking to be sure. The team colors make up 2 of the five skins using the tried and true red and blue method of coloring. Then, there’s green and yellow, 2 more lovely colors that have been plucked out of the color spectrum for you’re viewing pleasure. Alright I’ll stop being a dip and say what’s on my mind. If you go to the trouble to make five skins on such a cool model like the Grey Fox model, why do a simple recolor for 4 out of the 5? I mean…maybe a different pattern, or even something to set each skin apart from each others you know? Granted the skins that are presented here are all done really well, they just all look like they suffer from the old Mortal Kombat color palette swapping syndrome. As for the new sounds they’re all pretty cool. All very robotic save one or two that I heard, there’s some liquid metal going down the throat Matrix sounds in there as well for those of you who know what I’m talking about ;) If the author’s intent was to make some evil skins, congratulations, mission accomplished, you did it. These are some mean looking skins for sure. I just hope to see a little more variety next time, if indeed there is a next time. All I can say is keep on skinning, but remember sometimes just a few cool changes can really make a skin like this shine. (Or in this case, glow!) Team Colors : Yes New Sounds : Yes Bot Support : No Rock on -=Sai-Wan=-

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