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Golden Dragon Reborn


blue.dl brings us the Golden Dragon Reborn. Now I know most of you are going to say 'Oh man not another friggen Reborn, and this looks exactly like the Scorpion Skin that Raleigh made ', which is
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partly true because this skin is exactly like the Scorpion skin that was made before. A thing that made me dissapointed is it looks exactly like the Mortal Kombat skins that Raleigh made and the face looks like a normal Darth Maul just colored with photoshop or paintshop. The clothing is very nice because of the design it used. The facial area is beautiful, he used golden colors as the skin and brown as the facial design. If you look at the hood you can see small golden dragons on each side, which makes this skin look amazing. There are also the words [ GD ] on the hood, which stands for Golden Dragon. If you look at the armor on the body it looks like it is scratched up and dented, which gives it a realistic look. On the pants you can see the Golden Dragon logo, just like on blue's Golden Dragon Fett. The team colors are not really like team colors, because it is the exact same thing just with a different color on the bottom of the hood, which isn’t too bad, but its very sad. There are new textures that are used on this skin. It seems as if he used PhotoShop to create this skin along with some other programs. There are new sounds used such as taunts and when you die. The golden shaders also look beautiful. Overall, this is a great skin, it contains everything you could want on a skin in my opinion. The things I really like about the Golden Dragon Reborn are the taunts and when he falls to his death. The taunt sounds very evil and the same thing when you roll. When you fall it sounds like a giant SPLAT! which can't be good just imagine what he would look like when he comes back to life. I really enjoyed this skin and it will probably one of my default skins that I use mainly because I do not have that Mortal Kombat pack. My final words about this skin is that if you want something that looks exactly like the scorpion that Raleigh made then I guess you should get this skin.I think if you dont want to download all the Mortal Kombat skins then you can get this. Good Job blue.dl, but next time try to be a little more original. My Rating: 5.5/10 -XgamerX :rock: Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: Yes

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