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[BoSS] Theta makes it clear right off he loves football, that\'s not the kind of football that includes helmets and pads like I know here in the US of A. No this is the football / Rugby that can tend
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to be a little rough from time to time ;). One thing that I just have to make clear right off is that I know nothing about English Football, so I\'ll just do my best to steer clear of trying to explain anything related to it as best I can, and I\'ll just go ahead and refer to it as Rugby from now on.:P The skins themselves are definetly different as they closely resemble what I\'ve seen of Rugby players. Unfortunately the skins themselves are leaving a little to be desired. Here\'s what I\'m talking about. First thing you\'ll notice about these skins is that on every single one there is one particular texture missing in the hair. At first I thought this might be intentional, and well if it is...I can\'t say it was a good idea.Then I got to the skins where the white streak had been replaced by a red and a blue streak. I suppose that these two things give those skins a tad more personality, but again it sort of just doesn\'t look right. It just sticks out off of the skin like a sore thumb. The actual attention paid to the skins clothing in itself really isn\'t that bad at all. As a matter of fact there are some select parts that look rather nice. Unfortunately in this case the pro\'s about this skin are out weighed by the cons. The next thing you\'ll notice is that the actual clothing textures, namely the shorts themselves can look a little ragged or jaggedy at the ends of each pant leg. Call me a stickler for detail but it was something that jumped out at me. I do have to say I did like the names on the back of the jerseys, that was a very nice touch. Kyle\'s beard on a few of these skins just looks off, namely the skins that had blonde facial hair. Granted it\'s obvious that while Kyle might have been the best choice out of the models available to skin for [BoSS] Theta, it still just looks like Kyle all decked out in his Rugby duds. The icons for the character selection menu were a nice touch, perhaps representing better the players these skins were made to resemble. The team and bot support add alot to these skins, I like seeing skinners pay enough attention to these details. Now for the sounds. Is it me, or do these particular skins sound like they\'re experiencing alot of pain whenever they roll or jump? Granted Rugby\'s a rough game or so I\'ve seen, maybe these sounds reflect that aspect of it. I\'m really not sure whats happening with the death taunt, but hey it works with these skins, so no harm done. I really wish I could recommend these skins to everyone, and to be honest they are worthwhile if you\'re a Rugby fan, but if you aren\'t these skins might not be the right ones for you. With just a little more TLC spent on certain aspects of this file, these skins could really be something. Bot support: Yes Team colors: Yes New sounds: Yes Rock on -=Sai-Wan=-

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