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JC Skin


Chrono\'s review of the first version: [quote]Jerec Killer shows us a first-time skin for JK2. It replaces Kyle Katarn with the Jedi Trainer model, and a new skin. It has both red and blue CTF
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variations, as well as bot support. Personally, I really do not like this skin. It looks far too cartoonish, and even though sometimes that can be a good thing the fact that it replaces Kyle and does not stand on its own really brings this skin down. I would encourage the author to put a little more effort into it and DEFINITELY keep at it.[/quote] Either industrial metal flooring is a new trend for high fashion Jedi/Sith, or this guy is like, sabering people in pajamas with a bad pattern. The default skin here looks like an uncomfortable suit of armor, welded to this guy\'s body. There\'s a JC on the front of the skin and in case you missed it, there\'s another JC on the back, with an interesting blue symbol across the back of his shoulders. It looks like there\'s a tattoo of a pie chart on the guy\'s cheek and \"I WIN\" has been imprinted across this guy\'s forehead. Hmm. The team skins look less like industrial fashion and more like body paint. There\'s some nice blending on the red skin, and is probably my favorite of the three skins here. For some inexplicable reason, there\'s an 8 ball image on the red version. The other team skin is an oceanic green/blue that is just hard for me to look at. The colors spraypainted together like that just don\'t work, in my opinion. There are many sounds included, but none of them are really new. But the skin still uses the Kyle taunt. Oh, and speaking of Kyle, this skin will replace Kyle in both your single player and multiplayer game. Bot support is included, so technically, this is a complete skin. Would I recommend this as a download? Meh. It\'s not necessarily a bad skin, especially for someone\'s first attempt (second?). Personally, I just don\'t care for it. Keep skinning, though! Practice makes perfect! :D (The release date kinda implies that this is a newer version of his first skin, but I see no differences. Oh well.) Bot Support: Yes Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: Not really ~AmosMagee

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