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[b]NOTE: If you\'re an impatient rummager who hates lengthy essays, scroll on down to the end of the review, set off by the title, [i]The Bottom Line[/i]. If you\'re an inherently cool individual
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who craves the masterful words of an egotistical dope, then just keep reading.[/b] Still here? Then I like you. Today\'s skin is a rip of the AmosMagee skin originally done for -- you guessed it -- our very own file reviewer and server admin, AmosMagee. When I say rip, I mean it; each piece of the AmosMagee skin was taken and either added to or messily subtracted from. Take the head, for instance: the freckles and the scar were (very messily) smudged out, and purple eye shadow was painted on with a spraycan tool, and the chain choker was replaced by a long red rectangle. The torso? The back tattoo was blandly smudged out, the innovative top covered over by a boring crosshatch, and curiously enough, plain text overlaid on top. No blood or anything to represent cutting. No natural feel to represent a tattoo. Just... text. Now, I\'ll admit, I\'m being hard. It\'s not just a recoloration or anything, and better yet, it\'s not a recoloration of the Jan skin. It [i]is[/i], however, a skin that was created by smudging out the evidence that it was taken from another skin. Aside from the text and the bland crosshatched top, there\'s nothing new here, and one could argue that the aforementioned features are simply slight modifications (but I\'ll be nice and I won\'t). More curious than any of the copying, however, is the error in the skin itself: it\'s missing its waist. Why? I have absolutely no clue. I\'m pretty positive that it was deliberate, but I\'m simply not sure [i]why[/i]. You end up with not only a missing stomach, but a see-through body and see-through legs if you see it from the right angle. Some things should be alpha\'d out. Some things just plain shouldn\'t. The waist is not one of those things. [b]The Bottom Line[/b] Allrighty, now that our impatient rummagers have rejoined us, it\'s time to give you all the bottom line. Put simply, the file is a slightly tacky reskin of a personal creation that, in and of itself, isn\'t all that well done. All the best parts are from the original skin. There are no major flaws, however, with the exception of a missing waist that makes you ponder whether \"Eva\" went a little too far with her monthly liposuction. Should ya\'ll download it? I don\'t see it being a popular skin, but who knows? I\'m sure someone out there enjoys pre-dismembered characters. Just stay away from my little sister if you\'re into that kind of thing. Yeeegh! Bot Support: No New Sounds: No Team Colors: No - Dan \"ViperEye\" Tennant

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