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Dark Ones


...Radio sputter...crackle... Spectre: "Lord Mantis, this is Darth Spectre. Respond please." Mantis: "What is it, me dark apprentice?" Spectre: "Milord, they have arrived." Mantis: "Good. Have
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them fitted into their armor, then send them to the armory." Spectre: "As you wish, Master." Mantis: "The time has come at last to begin our reign of the galaxy. Now that Desann has been destroyed and the Remnant cower in hiding, we will announce our presence." Spectre: "Yes, my Master..." Mantis: "I sense hesitation in you, Apprentice. Do you doubt our power?" Spectre: "No, Lord Mantis. I merely doubt the ability of these soldiers, ex-stormtroopers no less." Mantis: "Ah, but what you do not realize is these "soldiers" are in fact the remnant of Desann's Reborn warriors. With the new armor and their training, we will sweep the galaxy of the Jedi and their New Republic." Spectre: "Forgive me, Dark Lord. I did not know." Mantis: "This time, Darth Spectre...This time." Spectre: "These 'dark' ones, they will be our elite force?" Mantis: "They will be our fist of death. The galaxy will fear them, my mighty 'Dark Ones'." This is a re-skin of the in-game Shadowtrooper. Dary Braithwaite has followed the trend he set with his Mandalorian Darth Mantis, found here, and the female apprentice Darth Spectre, here. They have the Mandalorian armoring of the two predecessors and also the spotted padding that Spectre wears. Like his other submissions (Shhh, stop thinking those kinda thoughts! You know what I mean!), the default skin is identical to the red skin. The blue version is distinguished by the Force crystal and speckled clothing changing to a blue color scheme. Maddog makes a good point in his review of Spectre: [quote]Maybe he will make an SP mod based on the two of these skins.[/quote] With the skin, Spectre, and Mantis, Dary could be well on his way to a fun SP mod. I know I'd enjoy having a bunch of minions following me on the latter Yavin missions. LOL, I can feel the 3v!ln355 now...Ack! Stop that! Bad Dark Side! Eh-hm... Technical Data: Pros: 1) Nice, clean re-skin and a clever idea to add Mandalorian armor to the already armored Shadowtrooper. Heh, maybe they're twice as hard to kill now. 2) Compliments his other skins; logically follows the succession. Logic is good...:thumbsup: Cons: 1) OMG, I know that they're "recruited from the normal stormtrooper ranks", but ahhhhhh! I hate that taunt! Only one worse is Lando. :eek: Meh, that's just an IMO. Ignore it. ;) 2) The armor at the edges of the torso mesh doesn't line up; I know it takes alot of extra time to tweak this, but grab some coffee, a :donut:, and trusty old ModView. Any job worth doing is worth doing right. Rating: 7/10 Bot Support: Yes Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: Yes (In-game Stormtrooper) JEDIofONE :mepimp:

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