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Golden Threat


Seeing a well-done skin brings a smile to my face. It shows that someone cared enough to put a lot of time and effort into something they know will be seen by many people. Golden Threat, made by
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-=[DK]=-NightEagle, is a really nice skin that is missing a couple things. According to the author, this skin is representative of Golden Threat, a spirit that has come to this world to avenge all the Dark Knights that have fallen in battle. He is not a user of the dark side of the force, but he is filled with anger. Kind of contradictory, but I’m always a fan of some kind of background. The skin itself is very nice. Using the reborn as his model, NightEagle has created something wonderful to behold. Golden armor adorns the skin, covering various areas while leaving others open. The face is all black except for the cold, piercing, white eyes. The armor itself is very detailed, filled with intricate curls and designs. It’s fairly obvious some time was put into this skin. The new sounds are decent but can become somewhat annoying after a while. I really like the taunt, but the new jump sound really gets on my nerves. It sounds like thunder, so every time you jump a thunderclap can be heard. Every time. It doesn’t matter how high you jump or for how long you jump. Just jump, and boom. But, what is it missing, you ask. Well, it’s missing team support. No team support at all. There is also no bot support. Bots are so easy to make these days thanks to some of the programs around there is pretty much no excuse to not have one. Another small problem I have is the marking of it with the clan name. On the back and front the letters DK can be seen. I understand this is a clan skin but I don’t think it’ll be very appealing unless it is going to be used by members or regulars of the clan and its servers. - Daku New Sounds: Yes Team Support: No Bot Support: No

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