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Zyphrwynd created this skin, which appears to be his personal/clan skin. {NS}Zyph is a Nautolan completely covered in a variety of shaders. The author credits Trinity from the X clan for basing his
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own skin on her Star Slayer Exodus skin. I should note though, that the model credit should go to Toonces for his amazing Kit Fisto model. :) Zyph here has a green shader that runs up and down his body. It's so quick that I couldn't catch it in a screenshot, otherwise I would've posted one. :P There are two symbols which slowly disappear and reappear on his chest and back. I'm not really sure what they're supposed to be, but it looks to me like a ladybug in the triangles. LOL I'm sure that's not what he was goin' for, but that's what I see. Anyhow, there's also a green shader on the Nautolan's um, tentacles? Is that what those are? Sure, we'll go with that. Then there's his eyes. Very cool blue shader on his large eyes. Though I think it kinda clashes with the green shaders and the symbols with the red in them. Everything you could ever want in a skin is here. Bot support and team colors are included. Unfortunately, the team skins are not selectable in the player menu. But they are there. :) The sounds are incredibly varied. The pain sounds are great. I love the death sounds. The default taunt is ... well, I just don't think it fits this skin. There are five other taunts included. (Which is why the file size is so freakin' large.) Some are songs, others are clips from Spaceballs. Very entertaining, though not the greatest choices for taunts, in my opinion. I haven't reviewed a skin with a zillion shaders in a while, so I don't feel the need to yell at the author for overusing shaders when everyone is using them. Because um, not everyone is using them anymore. However, I will say that I think there's just too much movement on this skin. Tad distracting. Less is more. KISS (Keep it simple, stupid). Et cetera. Not a bad skin though. Keep skinning! :) Bot Support: Yes Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: Yes ~AmosMagee

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