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Link Add-On The author of this skin [JHC]Zenayi said in the readme that he wanted a wider selection of Link skins, and he has made himself just that. This skin comes with a black, a blue, and a
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gray version. There’s also what I would call a \"bonus skin\" that IMO is the only thing in this pack that has any real value. For the gray/black/blue skins all it seems he\'s done is painted a solid color over all the clothes. Now it could be possible that I have some weird problem that makes me imagine things, but I have this strange memory of the original Link 3.0 skin having some TEXTURE on the clothes, yaknow that stuff that makes skins look realistic? Ever heard of it? Also besides this taking of texture (a crime IMO) and the color change to the shirt and pants, I don’t see much difference. Still the author said that this is his first skin, so I won\'t go too hard on him, but only cause of two things. One is the completeness of this pack. It comes with bot and team support, which makes for a complete skin. The other thing is an extra skin. The \"bonus\" as I will henceforth call it seems to be a much more professional skin compared to the others. Mind you there are still some beginner problems. Large patches of solid color, details seeming unrealistic, as a few examples. On the other hand though it DOES have allot more detail then the others, and the general quality of it is better, and would actually be a skin that I would keep, which is something I don’t say too often. I\'ll sum this up in nice easy examples now for all you lazy people who don’t want to read the whole top part. Is this a great skin? No. Is this the sorta skin anyone but a new skinner would make? No. However, it’s not bad for a first try, and if the author can drop the solid color prob, and start pumping out some skins like the \"bonus\" then I think that he could get some pretty good work out. At least I’d like to think so, because my second skin was almost identical to these except for the solid colors bits. ;). So, good start to your skinning career Zenayi, Keep it up. 7/10 ~DeathBringer Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes

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