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Cloud (New)


Ekko brings us a new Cloud. Recognizable to most every gamer in the known universe, Cloud was first seen in Final Fantasy VII and has been in a couple more games here in there. While this skin is a
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reskin of a reskin, which can be found here, it is completely worth a look if you’re interested in getting another cloud skin. I feel the quality of this file, while lacking in certain areas, is probably overall the best I’ve seen as far as Cloud skins go. I found the above-mentioned file to be a little too digital looking, while this one tends to look more realistic. The face is cleaner and has some personal touches added. The red line underneath the eye is a nice touch, as is the scar along the left arm. I find these little touches to be the most important part of any skin. As far as the body of the skin goes, it’s pretty nice. From what I can see, Ekko took the Shadow Trooper’s body and customized it to look better on clouds body. It works surprisingly well. He also redid Cloud’s gloves. I find these to be infinitely better than the previous version’s simple coverings. Besides the main skin, Ekko created a new Sith version of Cloud. This alone makes the download completely worthwhile. The silver hair and crazy face and eyes remind so much of Sephiroth, Final Fantasy VII’s antagonist. It’s as if the two characters were merged to create some sort of super-human Sith guy. Fantastic work. The team skins need some work though, the red in particular. The blue skin is just the default skin, no changes at all. While this is an easy way to go about doing this, I like to see some extra creativity thrown into the mix. Why not throw some more colors on his face or something? Just a suggestion. The red version is, to put it simply, bad. The texture of the body and the arms does not match up. The colors are different, not just slightly different, obviously different. Different to the point of distraction. I feel that had they been the same shade, this would have been an excellent skin. All in all, the skin is nice. A good face, a good body, what more can you ask for? It’s even got bot support; don’t think you need much else. :D - Daku New Sounds: No (Original Cloud sounds) Team Support: Yes Bot Support: Yes

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