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Jedi Academy Mod Scripts


cHoSeN oNe, author of the very popular Jedi Academy multiplayer mod, has created scripts specifically for use on servers running his mod. Whether you run the server and have access to rcon and the
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amlogin or you're just a regular visitor of a server that runs JA mod 1.4, there is a script here for you! There are four seperate scripts included here. One for those with rcon access, one for those who have "am" level access, one for those with "jk" level access and finally a script for those who don't have admin access at all. Once you choose one that best suits your needs, you're going to have to spend some time customizing the keys so that they match the configuration that you're used to. I suggest that you print out copies of some of the cfg's with the commands so you can remember which bind does what. :) Once you begin to play with the new script, you'll find yourself in a sea of menus. For example, if you use the JAT script, press F11, the default bind for the Jedi Academy Main Menu, and you'll be able to slap, sleep, punish, kick, ban, etc. anyone in your server just by pressing a series of already scripted keys for you! But wait! There's more! Not only do you have all of the admin-ing functions in easy-to-use menus at your disposal, there are also other features such as a Roleplaying script, demo recording made easy, tools to make communication during CTF's easier and much more! One great thing about this script is that it frees up more keys for those all-important text binds that we (okay, I) need. For instance, there are four message modes in JK2, so if you used all four, that would take up four whole keys! Not so with these scripts since there's a chat selector which only uses two keys! The default is the U key which will toggle through all four chat modes and Y will allow you to execute that chat mode. Yay! And just to give you an idea of the Roleplaying script ... you like use two keys to scroll through JK2 characters, then use another key to select that character. Let's say you chose Tavion. The script will change your skin to that of Tavion's and your name to Tavion. When I tested these scripts, I'm sure I barely scratched the surface. The menus are extensive and there's just so much that can be done with these. If you run a server with Jedi Academy 1.4 on it, these scripts can make your job easier. Even if you just frequent a server that runs this excellent mod, these scripts can improve your time spent playing the game. :) Keep in mind that it will take some time to get used to all of the new binds and it will take quite a while to customize everything so that it suits your needs. But if you want to use the mod to its full potential, these scripts will certainly be useful for you. Be sure to read all of the readme's thoroughly. ~AmosMagee

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