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Temple of the EJK Clan


In spite of all of the sayings I use in my reviews, none of them are absolute. I often say to keep things simple, but sometimes complexity is a good thing if it can be pulled off by someone talented.
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Sometimes I say bigger is better, but other times I say that\'s not at all true. The EJK Temple is one of those maps that I have to say bigger is not always better. Recently, I was involved in beta testing a CTF map that, at first glance, looked like it was going to be a great map. Turns out that the map was so big that even with guns, it wasn\'t the best design for CTF. EJK Temple was expanded for CTF, specifically. And though I didn\'t test it as a CTF map, I hate to say it, but I think this map might be just a bit too big. And there are some things that just don\'t make sense in this map. What\'s with the swoops inside that arena? They don\'t exactly help the gameplay much - especially for a CTF. Then there\'s the item placement. An overabundance of weapons and ammo doesn\'t really present a player a challenge. I know this is for JA, but I\'m going to refer to JK2 for a moment. On Bespin Streets, the rocket launcher is on the pad. There\'s only one area (that I remember) where you can find ammo for that and it\'s on the other side of the map. That\'s good weapon and ammo placement. But CountDubious just dropped like, 5-8 of something all in one place, so it requires no strategy at all. The map itself is a little hard on the eyes. It\'s a dark map, but with bright colors and repetitive textures. And then there\'s that one moving texture thing ... it looks cool, but drains FPS and just doesn\'t do much for the map, especially when it seems to be everywhere. Something I probably don\'t say often enough is that this review is just my opinion. Feel free to download the map and disagree with me. You may think this is the best map ever made. *shrug* I can only tell you what I like and don\'t like, and what I\'ve observed based on what maps are popular and which ones servers don\'t use. :) Oh, and like, not all that important, but the arena file is kinda, like, for JK2, not JA. So I\'m only listing FFA and CTF, since I know those two game types are supported for this map and JA. Bot Support: No New Textures: No New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, CTF (and probably some other stuff) ~AmosMagee

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