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Unreal Tournament 2004

UT2004 RPG


I love this mod :) I'm running in on a server as often as I can. Currently, I'm level 348 :) Its just addictive, that's what I can say. Basically, you CAN set up this mod to get you to level 9999 in
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like one round, but theres no point because nobody else will want to play and the game becomes tired. Also, there is an option which is to do with matches played where players can actually kill each other (i.e not Invasion e.t.c) The problem lies in that if a level 4 player somehow manages to kill a level 200+ player they instantly gain like 200 levels. Admittedly if a Lv.3 player manages to do this then he deserves it, but on a few servers people just let new players kill them and gain a whole load of levels, which is really stupid, as it takes all the fun away. Aside from this though, I can't fault this mod. You (as default) get five points each level you go up, and you go up levels by killing enemies, whether it be Invasion monsters, bots or to a lesser extent, other players. You can spend these points on increasing your player attributes, such as weapon fire rate, health, max ammo limit, weapon damage % and adrenaline max limit. At first if you come up against a level 50+ player you will find it hard to win, especially as they will usually heal faster than you can hurt them. However with a little invasion practise you can catch up and that's why this mod is so great :) As a final warning however - If you decide to change to amount of points you get per level, you will recieve all the new points you should have had from the previous levels, which is essentialy all the points you have spent , you will be able to spend again. The bad part comes for you and it will piss off your players, if you decide to put the points back down again. Because then you will end up on negative points, and have to work your way through tons of levels to even them out. This is a small flaw which is easily avoided, but just a warning :) Also included are special abilities which require certain emphasis to be placed on stats, for example, the Regen technique requires at least 15 points to be spent on health. Other techniques include Ultima, (You turn into a redeemer explosion when you die) Resupply (Constant Regen for Ammo) and lots more :) Have fun, and remember, theres no limit on your Level! :D ~Szico VII~

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