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Age of Mythology

Crusaders Modpack (Reviewed)


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [b]Reviewed by: CoolSkater32[/b] This is a great modpack with a good texture
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set, but with bland anim and sounds. [u]Modpack Includes [b]3 Units[/u][/b]: -Ranged Crusader -Footman Crusader -Mounted Crusader [b]Part 1: Textures[/b] --The textures for these crusader units are definitely the best part of the modpack. The heads of the units are all the same, but skillfully designed nonetheless. They are made of iron, and the author made it look like it was crafted from this metal. It looks awesome to see a huge sea of silver gradiented helms charging over the battlefield. These helmets also have black eyelines (like eyeholes, but it's like one line used for both eyes to guarantee good Line of Sight!) for seeing! Professionally designed head! The bodies of the units are all the same as well, whether on a horse or on foot. The body texture is white fabric, very medieval-like, and adds to the appearance of the middle ages Crusaders. The body comes with a huge, embroidered, Crucifix on their chest (or back, think it's the chest though) to denote they're Crusaders. I LOVE this part of the texture, it's very cool. The crucifix is also colored whatever player color you have, making it even better! The horse of the mounted crusader is good, it, too, is clad in white fabric, but the head is uncovered. Nice horse, but could have more detail here. [b]Part 2: Anim, Proto, and Sound[/b] --These sections do not come up to par with the textures, but are still good. [u]Anim:[/u] The anims of these units have not been changed from their originals except for the necessary texture replacement. Other than that, no changes have been made to the anim text file, which means no special effects or weapons changing or anything like that. Big drawback to this mod! [u]Stats:[/u] The units' stats were designed mediocrely, with correct implementation of everything except the icons, which I had to fix myself for them to work. The stats otherwise are good, but overpowered in the attack / HP sections. Slight drawback here. [u]Sound:[/u] I was surprised and disappointed to find out that these units DO have sounds attached to them, but they are simply the generic greek military voices, nothing new or different. VERY bland, and I'm taking off [i][b]Tech[/i][/b] points here! All-around good mod, [b]recommended for download[/b], but there is definitely room for improvement! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This mod pack comes with 3 new units added to the editor! New features include: --New Textures --New xpacklanguage.DLL file (gets rid of the *** in front of the name!) --New Awesome Shield --Sounds --Historically accurate damage bonus vs. Egyptians (in Crusader's sake, the Saracens) --All around awesome mod! Enjoy this new, fun, and great mod! Have fun Crusading! Please, I'd like some comments!

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