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Return To Castle Wolfenstein

Beach II Frostbite


Beach II Frostbite BETA _________ (Storyline) --------- After the first Attack on the Beach Complex the Defeated Axis retreat and the Battle was assumed over
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not until later when the Axis learn from a Captured O.S.A. Agent that the Allies have taken the base and Claimed it for their own and are now working on a design for a new type of Weapon The Axis MUST Stop the Allies from developing their Weapon if they hope the ever beat them ____________ (Installation) ------------ Just extract the PK3 to your Wolfenstein Directory Example: C:\\program files\\Return to castle wolfenstein\\main\\NEWPK3 NOTE: Not all Players install to the Default Directory in this case you need to find your Main dir wherever you installed wolf too for any help email me at ________________ (Play Information) ---------------- Axis Respawn: 15 Allies Respawn: 20 Timelimit: 20 (will go into sudden death if objective not obtained from either side Example: Like Depot) Number of Objectives: 6 Wolf MP: YES SW: YES CP: NO the map will support more then 32 players if needed __________ (Objectives) ---------- ______ (Allies) ------ Destroy the Axis Radio Submarine Defend the Seawall Defend the Blueprints Prevent Transmission of Blueprints if stolen Protect the Basement Blast Door Guard the Trenches ____ (Axis) ---- Defend the Radio Submarine Breach SeaWall Find and steal the Blueprints Transmit the Stolen Blueprints Destroy the Basement Blast Door Claim the Trenches __________ (Extra Info) ---------- NOTE: This map is more geared for Shrub MOD Play BUT is definetly setup to be used on Bani,Shrub, or just Plain Wolf Also this map is more setup for 45 min rounds i was aiming to create a decent map for the 45min servers This map has Hidden Goodies ALL OVER IT to make things interesting just look around FYI: Find your way into the Armory and Enjoy its Treasures :) Another FYI: Lots Of Sniper Areas and Snipers are Higly Recommended for this Level Keep in mind its a Beta i have spent Hours touching up so i doubt u will find any errors if you do please email them to me Email is at the bottom of the Readme this map takes alot of teamwork and I mean ALOT of Teamwork but it makes it really fun to play i know me and our Clan like it Basically Guys Download it Enjoy it Cant Hurt To Try It HellRaiserKANE ____________ (Construction) ------------ Editor: GTK Radient Known Bugs: None __________ (Tech Specs) ---------- Total Brushes:7828 Total Entities: 1000 Net Brush Count: 2604 (Non Entity) i would also like to add All original CAD and work in the map belongs to its original creators i claim no credit for the base parts of this map only credit i take is for new storyline and all changes that you see HellRaiserKANE Email: NOTE: Mappers can use the resources in this map for learning only do not republish this map

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