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Medal of Honor

Old Gonorrea┬┤s Realism


[quote]1.Introduction: For those who _still_ play MOHAA, i decided to make a realism mod with ROFs and balance: Take a example: Thompson is unbeatable in close range, has high ROF, but has quite
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heavy recoil too, and not useful at long ranges. 2.Whats changed: 1. Ammoloads are changed (not HISTORICALLY correct, but still to make some balance) 2. Damages are changed (see 4. Damage table for full damage change) 3. Amount of Grenades is now 4 (maybe lowered to 3 on next version) 4. Recoil on every weapon 5. AT weapons has little bit faster and VERY powerful rocket, but only 3 rockets 6. More realistic ROFs (such MP40 and MP44\\StG44) NOTE: There isnt any way to change MOHAA MG42 ROF, but i maded it very accurate for balance =) 3.Modified ROFs on weapons: BAR: Higher ROF, but high recoil too MP40: Lower ROF (500rpm), but easier to control and beter in open areas. MP44\\StG44: Lower ROF (500rpm), has higher recoil than MP40, but is little bit more powerful and accurate Colt: Little bit higher ROF, light recoil M1 Garand: Little bit slower ROF, moderate recoil Kar98k Sniper Rifle: Higher ROF (same as normal K98k) Walther P38: VERY VERY little bit higher ROF than normal, accurater than Colt and very light recoil. 4.Damage table: Kar98k: VERY HIGH (one hit kill, expect for VERY long range) Kar98k Sniper: Same as normal (but quite low amount of ammo) MP40: Moderate (1-4 shots enough to kill) MP44\\StG44: Moderate (1-4 shots to kill) Panzerschrek: Higher than you can imagine (when you see panzershrek, i suggest that you start running and fast if you dont want to fly in the air) Walther P38: Moderate\\low (1-3 shots) M1 Garand: High (1-2 shots to liqudate) Springfield M1903: High (1-2 shots to kill) Thompson: Moderate\\high (1-3 shots to kill) BAR: High (1-2 shots to kill) Bazooka: Same as Panzerschrek Shotgun: High MG42: Moderate (1-3 shots), but is VERY accurate cause ROF wasnt able to moditify on MOHAA 5.About movement speeds: Movement speeds has been lowered to make more realistic: Take an example for Bazooka and Panzerschrek: You will move VERY slowly with those things (think about it: M1A1 bazooka had weight of 13 - 14 kilos, and Panzerschrek had about 14 - 16 kilos) And you will move slightly slower with other weapons too.[/quote]

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