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Duelers/JA Mod for Linux 1.0


My review of the first version of this great mod: [quote]It\'s a bit difficult to really test a multiplayer mod when there aren\'t servers out there running the mod because it isn\'t on the site
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yet, y\'know? And since I test these mods alone, all I can judge these mods by is how the play is with bots. I do have a lot to say about Dueler\'s Mod for JA though! Let\'s just start with the admin commands, since that is an important part of running a server. Of course, there\'s an admin password, but the great thing about the way this is set up is that you\'ll never have to worry about broadcasting the password in the server! I always encourage my admins to just modify their config files out of game instead of through the console because that reduces the risk of broadcasting the pass. In this mod\'s case, you just use a cvar to set the pass in your config file and you\'re always logged in when you join your server. There are some very useful commands including showmotd, which will show the player the \"message of the day\". There\'s \"origin\" and \"teleport\", which will give you your x, y and z coordinates and then you can teleport to any location on the map. \"Freeze\" and \"thaw\" are much like \"sleep\" and \"wake\" from the JAR mod, which will stop the subject and will not allow them to use their weapon or force and then thawing them will, of course undo that effect. \"Bring\" and \"goto\" are some helpful commands that will allow you to bring a subject to you, or help you find someone on a map and go to them. If someone comes on your server with an offensive name, you can easily rectify that with the \"rename\" command. Then, of course, there\'s the \"boot\" command which will kick someone off of your server. The only thing this mod is missing is the banning command that gives you a lot more room in the banned IP list, like the JAR mod. One of the coolest features that Dueler\'s has is the macro scanning feature. You can keep people off your server who use scripts to do special moves, which many of us find unfair and don\'t allow on our servers. Now the most important thing about this mod is that it changes the gameplay to make JA a bit more like JK2. The roll is back! Plus the author has tweaked the lunge and other attacks to make them a bit more skill-based. I only played with one bot with these new \"un-nerfed\" features and found that the fight lasted a bit longer. It always seemed to me like the sabering in JA was somewhat based on luck. This seems to remove that and give us back a bit of what makes JK2 so much more interesting. One of the big things about Dueler\'s mod is that when people are dueling on an FFA server, your duel won\'t be interrupted by those running by - they\'ll run right through you and you won\'t even see them. So you can keep focused. One of the coolest things added is the Duel Overtime which allows duels to finish before the map changes. There are a ton of new emotes added, most of which you\'ll recognize from JK2. Like the Superman pose, the beg, or grovel pose, kneel (or think), the dancing emotes, the surrender one, hug and there are a few new ones too. Check the list included with the mod to see all of the new ones. Also there\'s a clan chat feature which is very helpful, especially if you only have a few people who are admins, but want to chat privately with just your clan. All in all, this is a great mod. It\'s not too complex, but adds some great features and leaves out the unnecessary ones like in other mods. If you\'d like to learn more about the mod, download it here, or visit the site, which is hosted by at [/quote] I\'m actually surprised that Dueler\'s mod isn\'t more popular than it is. It\'s a great mod that just keeps getting better. Some of the newest features for version 1.1 include grapples and jetpacks. And there\'s an easily managable ban list. You can create custom votes for your server. There\'s a new force power rank and players can check to see the MotD while in game and if there are any admins available. Kicking and saber throws have been enabled for all stances and the author claims that saber collision and damage consistancy has been improved. Don\'t just go with a mod because it\'s what everyone else uses. Shop around. Try them all out. You may find that you prefer Dueler\'s mod after trying it. :) ~AmosMagee

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