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Star Wars The Jedi\'s Demise


It\'s quite an ambitious project to make a full-length movie using JK2 and JA. In fact, I\'m not sure it\'s been attempted before. The Jedi\'s Demise was due to be released last fall, but it was only
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recently released this year. The storyline is far from original, but definitely Star Wars. Six months after the battle of Geonosis is when this story takes place. Lara Sparx is a senator and is a target of more than one assassination attempts. Predicatably, she is given two Jedi guards - I\'m assuming one a Master and the other his Padawan. Of course, Lara recognizes Eric, the one she will be with throughout the movie. And there seems to be a connection between them. This all takes place during the Clone Wars and it seems that the Republic\'s enemy is using a new metal from Rodia to make a better breed of droids. At least 90% of that story should sound quite familiar. The first part of this movie is spent learning what the story is, watching the Jedi fight bounty hunters and droids and keeping Lara safe. There was mention of the Lake country and since there\'s obviously something between Lara and Eric, I\'m a little concerned that we\'re going to see a reenactment of that one scene between Padme and Anakin. Please, I beg of you, no. Some technical issues that I had a problem with include everything from the direction to the voice acting. These people aren\'t professionals and so I can\'t expect the best. Some of the voice acting wasn\'t up to par with some other JK movies I\'ve seen. There was hardly any emotion in some characters voices. When I expected to hear fear or urgancy, I heard a bland, bored voice telling Lara to take a defensive position. In the beginning I was actually impressed with the voice acting for Lara Sparx. But the dialogue became repetitive soon and since there isn\'t much background on Lara\'s character, it\'s hard to imagine what her personality is supposed to be like. So, what I saw from Lara everytime she spoke to someone was that she\'s quite the flirt - even with her brother. :/ Whoever did Yoda\'s voice was great and Ki Adi too. Sometimes the camera lingered too long on one person or on the landscape too long. It almost seemed as if they needed the shots as filler. The volume of some of the voices was too loud and therefore jolted me out of the story a bit. At one point, the music was too loud and drowned out the character\'s voices. There aren\'t any spoilers here, so no worries. I\'m just wondering what the heck a droid is doing with a Bowcaster. Is it just me or does that seem just a little odd? There was one character I had a hard time accepting because he just looked too much like Robin Hood. The movie was a bit difficult for me to sit through. The first part was 45 minutes long and it only started to get interesting at the end. I\'m not sure what to expect as the movie goes on, but I predict that the second part will be a bit darker and as the title suggest, a Jedi or more than one will fall. Hmmm. ~AmosMagee

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