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Bespin Fight Club 2


It\'s not exactly a secret how I feel about ShroomDuck\'s map Bespin Fight Club. I\'ve never really liked it and I suppose it\'s because I didn\'t really know what the purpose of the map was when I
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first played it a year and a half ago. It never occurred to me that the map was a tournament map and was intended to be played as such. And I was just FFAing at the time. So I was annoyed with there not being a lot of space for dueling or just FFA. I don\'t dislike it now as much as I did before. My favorite things about Shroom\'s maps are how much fun they are and the irreverancy of the themes and textures he uses and creates. So when Shadow released Bespin Fight Club 2, I had to review it. :) The familiar textures are present, and the basic layout is the same, but there\'s a lot more in this map to keep you interested. There\'s actually a bowling alley in one area and I\'m quite impressed that Shadow pulled this off convincingly. (And a Coke machine with Fanta! Which isn\'t all that significant but reminds me of all of the commericials that we made and um ... yeah, never mind.) The slippery bar is there, and so are the destructable tables. On the roof is an area where the names of MsR members were added, which seems to be a bit of a tradition now for TMBJ/MsR. :) There aren\'t many guns (and maybe only the one, I think) on this map, but on the roof you\'ll find a Disrupter and you can practice your aim on targets on the other side of the roof. Okay, so there is a secret area, and no, I\'m not telling you where it is. :) You have to hunt for it yourself! Of course there are custom textures in this map and they all look great. Someone else who tested the map told me there was a bit of z-fighting, but I don\'t recall seeing much. Overall, it\'s a fairly solid map. The music choice is great, a track by the Pixies, which also sticks to the theme/tradition. The only thing I wanted and didn\'t get out of this map is for the bowling alley to actually be playable. I ran all over that room pressing my use key up against any and every thing. But oh well, we don\'t always get what we want. I enjoyed playing this map and I wouldn\'t be surprised to see it show up on several JA servers. Great job, Shad! :D Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA ~AmosMagee

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