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The Jedi Enclave


Jedi Enclave is a map that has a lot going on with it that just seems very unexpected. I can\'t say I understand the rhyme and reason to this map, but I suppose it works. The map is very open
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outside and just huge. The most positive thing I can say about this area though is that it makes a great map for practicing your strafe-jumping (circle-jumping). I did see a few places that had some z-fighting and the textures are just so repetitive. I don\'t quite understand the cavern-like area off to the side, but ... um, okay. *shrug* The main focus of this map is the actual enclave. Below ground is living quarters, training rooms and offices for Jedi. The first room I entered down below had a funky HOM (Hall of Mirrors) effect going on. I haven\'t a clue whether that was intentional or not. The living area consists of several bunkbeds and a bathroom. The sinks are a little weird, and the whole areas is quite cramped, but I suppose that makes sense because they are below ground. What\'s up with no doors on the stalls though!? C\'mon, give \'em a little privacy. Down the hall is what seems to be just a small room with a shallow hot tub. There are three very tiny offices down one hallway. And then there are the training rooms. One is a very small wooden floor, while the other is a bit bigger that could handle more than one duel. The most interesting part of this whole map is the room with the moving platforms. It\'s like a little puzzle you have to figure out while jumping from each platform to the next. Then there\'s a hidden council room. Is this a great map? No, not really. But it\'s a first map, and the author at least proved that he can do it. :) Now just hone your skills and make more maps! There are no new textures or bot support ... nor is there new music. But like I said, it\'s his first map. :) Good job. Bot Support: No New Textures: No New Music: No Game Types: FFA, TFFA, Duel ~AmosMagee

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