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Call of Duty

Rifle Platoon


Here we have a great Realism mod, check out some of the features [quote]n New gametype: Elimination – see below for a description. n Class system – see below for a description of the
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various classes. n More realistic squad composition – see below for a description of the various restrictions. n No carrying two primaries – picking up a primary will make you drop the one you’re holding. n Reload by clip – reloading when your clip is not empty yet will still deduct a full clip’s worth of bullets from your ammo, but the bullets you had left in the clip come back later as “used” clips when your full clips are spent. n More realistic ammo counts. n Damage dropoff – the further you are away from your target, the less damage you do. Respective ranges of the weapons are based on their real counterparts (but scaled down to fit the CoD maps); some weapons (SMG’s and pistols mainly) won’t do any damage if the target is too far away. n Movement speed based on primary carried – no speed boost when switching to pistol or nades. Primary weapons are divided into 5 weight classes, and for many the speed has been toned down based on their realistic weights. See below for some details on how this affects certain weapons. n Changed weapon stats to decrease accuracy when unaimed, view bob when aimed, and more realistic weights as mentioned above. Also increased damage from most guns to work better with the damage dropoff system. n No crosshair in unaimed mode. n No kill confirmations or any visual clue on the scoreboard that you killed someone. You only know for sure if you see his dead body up close ;-). n Dizzy spells - when health gets below 20, you suffer from dizzy spells every 10-20 seconds, lasting 3 seconds or so. Keep that in mind if you’re about to rush around a corner! n No compass friendlies and no map except if you’re an officer. n The usual: shellshock when losing a certain amount of health to grenades, rockets or getting bashed on the head, forced prone if hit by a grenade or shot in the legs/feet or taking damage from falling (keeping you down for a number of seconds based on how much damage you sustained), drop weapon when hit in the arm/hand, … [/quote]

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