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Battlefield 1942

Tanelorns FH Soundpack


Hello soldiers! Well, there are some files in the mail that havent been put up so I might as well start! This is Tanelorns FH 0.61 sound mod. Read about it below soldiers! [quote] Tanelorn
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Sound revision addon for Forgotten Hope 0.61 (16 Mar 2004) This addon is an attempt to add a bit more realism to the game by replacing some obviously synthesized sounds with ones that come closer to real life. The addon mostly replaces handweapons and especially machineguns. Few if any large weapons have been touched. Only sounds which sounded far from realistic were adjusted. Only the 44khz and 22khz sounds have been touched. You will not experience any changes in 11khz mode. Unfortunately, this is merely a sound replacement. THe actual handling and soundscripting of the weapons have not been changed. Because of this, many of the weapons are still not sounding as good as they could. Many have priority problems causing them to go silent, and others have poor looping parameters. Many are not optimized for range / priority. I have no control over this, and have chosen sounds that work as good as can be expected for the given soundscripts. Note that this is a simple file addition, it does not overwrite any FH files and is completely compatible with punkbuster. I have sucessfully used it in multiple popular FH servers for a few weeks. *** INSTALLATION *** You will see one file within this zip file, called sound_001.rfa. This file goes into your Mods directory. The following files are included in this zip (with pathnames) /mods/FH/archives/sound_001.rfa Again, this is not a mod or a minimod. Once you drop this file in, you will immediately experience the changes in your next game. No further effort is required. *** end installation *** Revision history >>> version 0.5 The following sounds have been revised: - .30cal coaxial - .50cal browning - BAR 1918 - Bren - MG34, all versions - MG42, all versions - MP18 (japanese sub-gun) - MP40 - PPSH - SG44 - Thompson - DPMG including handweapon, pin-mounted, and coaxial This is probably a one-shot addon, with no planned future revisions. [b][/b] DC Dev Tanelorn [/quote] Well, this is certainly a must download if you want to hear some new sounds in your Forgotten Hope mod! Thanks Tanelorn! See everyone on the battlefield!

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