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Rocky\'s Arena


Technically, this is a map pack because there are two maps here. One for duel and one for FFA/TFFA. I\'m only reviewing the FFA map here, since the authors claim that the duel map is much like the
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FFA map anyway. Yep, that was plural - authors. This map was done by a team of mappers including Mirenda, Klyss, Doomgiver and Jzz\'l - who will be known as the ToiletCleanersDev. Rockey\'s Arena is dedicated to the player RockyBalboa in the [Y3O] clan, but there\'s no real reason given as to why. The map itself isn\'t huge - but it\'s good for FFA servers. The main arena is big enough for a decent sized FFA, and there are three marked seperate rooms for dueling. Which are also big enough for FFAs. Like I said, they\'re marked. Smart move, guys. It\'ll be so much easier to find the duel or FFA you\'re looking for if someone can say \"Challenge Room 1\", instead of \"Y\'know, that one room, over by the pillar or pole thing ... to the right. Wait, your left. My right.\" Anyway, there\'s a disturbing scene below the grate in the floor. Bodies hanging from the wall, skeletons scattered. Oh, and one body of bones, or something down below is missing a texture! *gasp* There\'s a red room with a poster dedicated to Rocky, but it\'s barely legible. There\'s a caged Rancor on one side and his growls are quite loud and noticable. I didn\'t get near his room. There are a few things here that I just don\'t think work for this map. Take a look at those screenshots. They\'re quite dark, and it kinda has that dungeon feel to it, but there\'s this huge open area in the roof with a bright blue sky. Okay, huh? That just doesn\'t make sense to me. Why would the map be so dark with so much light coming in from there? I mean, it wouldn\'t be. Also, I mentioned that missing texture. And the music didn\'t work. Normally I\'d be forgiving of such tiny little things, but this is a TEAM of developers working on ONE map. Those little things shouldn\'t be overlooked. Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: Duel, FFA, TFFA ~AmosMagee

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