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BM Backyard


I really wasn\'t sure what to expect from this map. It certainly doesn\'t fit the title. \"Backyard.\" Yeah, I was thinking it was going to be a fun and irreverent map that looked, maybe like
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someone\'s backyard. But it\'s a much more interesting map than that, and more serious, too ... if that makes sense. The area I spawned into is called by the author, the Building Estate. It\'s a large area with a big tree in the center and a lovely brick red building all around. I can\'t say whether the lighting in this area is good or not, but I liked it. The sky overhead along with the music playing kinda gave me a chill. It\'s just a little creepy, but I can\'t explain quite why. Maybe it\'s just because I was alone on the map and it felt like there should be more people around, but the place was deserted. It\'s a good setting for a horror novel. :) As I explored, I made my way down to The Tunnel, where there are some phone booths and a Coke machine. Don\'t ask me, I have no idea what\'s being said when you press your \"use\" key on the Coke machine. The lighting down here is a bit darker, and not knowing what you\'ll find down the hole on the far side of the room only makes it that much more creepy. I dropped down and hesitated when I saw the red wall facing me. It moved and looked like lava, but I stepped forward anyway. I touched it and I wasn\'t burned. Naturally, I pressed my use key and it opened to reveal what the author dubbed \"Hell\". This area is littered with guns and ammo, sharp rocks and more of the harmless blood-red lava. In the center at the back is a big statue that guards the red flag, if you\'re playing CTF. I made my way back out and towards The Bridge. This looks like a good place for some fun duels, especially with the small pillars out in the water. Through the doors, you\'ll find a big hall that is called Heaven. There are angels on the pillars and for some reason, this room doesn\'t seem as scary as the rest of the map - even with the music. Maybe it\'s because the lighting is a bit brighter, even with the dark sky. At the top of the white marble steps, you\'ll find the blue flag if you\'re playing CTF. Napalmgabber is most effective at setting a tone with this map. The music is just perfect for this map and I quite enjoyed it. I listened to it a few times and didn\'t get tired of hearing it. My FPS was great and even though the CTF bases aren\'t mirrored, the bases seem equal. I\'d need to play it a few times to really determine if the bases are fair. There isn\'t anything about this map that is really amazing, there\'s nothing innovative, but there\'s something about it that I really like. Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, JM, TFFA, CTF ~AmosMagee

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