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Keiran\'s Duelling Center


This is a very nicely layed out map, the detail in the architecture of the building is incredible, I mean really truly incredible. There is one room that looks like a theatre in design, viewing
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boxes up at the top with their beautiful balconies then across the room is a set of pillars that come across as true decor not forgetting the 4 pillars that go the height of the room with that perfect light set near their top. Leaving that room takes you down a small-ish corridor that is sectioned by perfect looking pillars with a wooden door motif on their sides at the bottoms, beautiful map work in such a simple way. You then get into a beautiful central room with a red carpet leading up to two large doors, again the architecture is superb; there is not a single place that lacks some kind of picturesque detail. in this central room there is an elevator that takes you up into a bar that feels like part of the map, not just a bar placed for the sake of a bar, oh no, this is a bar for this building. The lighting is continued into it, along with candle lit tables, ceiling fans (a great touch I might add) and the walls have their own unique pillar style which compliments the map perfectly. There is also an underground, what I can only call a, \'fight club\'. It\'s dark, strong lighting, very moody and even though it breaks from the architecture of the rest of the place it\'s perfect because it\'s portrayed as an underground area. I won\'t talk about any more of the map, but take a look at the screenshots below, look at that for perfection! Throughout the entire map the lighting is well thought out, no random lighting anywhere, it all appears to come from somewhere and it looks like a bounce compile was used as it really comes across as smooth. Some maps must be downloaded, there is no excuse not to, and this is one of them, if just to wow at the amazing architecture. Get this map! Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No -WadeV1589-

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