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ObsidianDragon HeadQuarters Clan Map


Obsidian Dragon is not only a map, but a clan. And this is their clan map. It seems there\'s a tutorial out there for making clan maps. And of course, required of all clan maps is a bar, bedrooms and
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as many rooms as possible. For those that are Dark clans, or Sith clans, I think lava is also a requisite. In the main room there\'s a big dueling pad with a dragon graphic in the center with some pillars speckled here and there. Three rooms house a weapon of some kind and nothing more than that. Then there\'s the entrance to the bar. The stone walls are decorated with many Star Wars posters and the bar is tended by none other than C-3PO. Explore a little and you\'ll find a large room perfect for dueling and FFAing with more SW posters. Then you\'ll make your way to a daunting path held up by wooden um, what do you call those? Grrr. I can\'t think of what they\'re called. Let\'s just go with \"supports\". And the whole thing is surrounded by glass. Below is a boiling lake of lava. At the end of that path is a large, rotating duel pad with the familiar dragon graphic. If you took another route from the main room, you\'d find yourself on your way to the shrine created for the Obsidian Dragon Queen. On your way, you\'ll pass several bedrooms. They\'re all identical. I like the paper on the table with their website address written on it. Nice touch. If you find the somewhat hidden entrance to the shrine, you\'ll be rewarded with a picture of the very cute Spawn, surrounded by several torches. There\'s also this one room with just a bunch of holes with water in \'em. Interesting. Anyway, this is a basic clan map, with a few little secrets here and there - what all clan maps should have. ;) The music was disappointing because it\'s so overuser - the Imperial March. While I didn\'t particularly care for the mix of textures used, this isn\'t a bad clan map - it\'s just kinda, predictable. Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA ~AmosMagee

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