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Solid Filip


21313 Now this is a nice skin, quite a change from the first time around! [quote]The readme says this skin is based on its author, something that always makes for a new unique skin. Apart
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from the face and pants however, the texturing is somewhat plain, now of course I understand a plain blue shirt is just one color, but it should have more texture, even in the relatively low resolution of a game. This is by far most noticeable in the shoes that look like something you\'d see Bugs Bunny wear or would be in the TV show \"What not to Wear\" (UK Terrestrial for those of you saying \'huh?\') Nevertheless it still looks good, the nicest detail being the circular pattern on the back of the shirt, almost like a tattoo. The combat (camo) pants are much more textured and although a bit galvenised in appearance the most detail is here. Their main problem being the thing around his lower leg which makes the trousers cut in time add more polies, JA will handle it The face is rather intimidating even though it is a bit on the smooth side, his eyes are dark around the edges and the facial hair is rough-cut, the mouth has the Sylvester Stallone style of being slightly down at the edges in a very firm and serious way. I have one question...the straps around the waste area of the does any man wear those and still manage to walk around normally?! Bot Support: No Team Colors: Yes -WadeV1589- [/quote] The face and the shoes are still the same but the clothes have changed and although they still sport that cartoonish charm, I prefer them now. Materials just shouldn\'t be so smooth and I\'d highly recommend you make one last version that makes these textures appear real, for perfections sake :) I mean the cloths are cool, the pattern is unique and they need that realism! The cloaked version is basically a glowing version of the regular version, and it works, quite hard to see though and I don\'t think including cloaked skins is a good idea because if people use them...they instantly become harder to see without actually needing a cloak! The team colors...aren\'t team colors! It\'s quite a change from seeing blue and red, instead the red team is dressed military style and the blue team is dressed like the regular skin but with a top to match. This will of course cause confusion at times for some, however it sports a welcome change to just tinting the skins blue and red. Bot Support: Team Colors: Yes (kinda) New Sounds: -WadeV1589-

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