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Age of Mythology

World Map v3x


_______________World Map V3X___________________ _________________By CheeZy monkey________________ Thanks for downloading the World Map! World Map V3X Features: -a Geographically
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accurate portrait of the world -Randomly placed Settlements and Relics on the map. Over 100 Quest Var triggers controlling the randomly placed Settlements. -Weather, sometimes it’s cloudy, sometimes it isn’t… it might be foggy in the morning, it might not, and who knows sometimes a storm might even brew up :) -Proper starting conditions: Players get their appropriate starting units when the map loads. -Balanced start. Due to changes in V3X, the game plays more like a random map, Economy and starting positions are once again very important. -200+ Triggers are in the map used to control events and variable events on the map. -a 30 minute spanning day-to-night cycle using the VX lighting pack. (So yes, you can play at night, which alot of people I\'m sure would find cool) -The Legendary Killer Giant Duck Billed Platypus – there is only one in the world, hunt it for 9000 food. (Note, the LKGDBP is often disguised as a bear surrounded by it’s monkey Body Guards, beware!) -Eye candy worked into the map, such as tents, abandoned settlements, waterfalls, Neutral players, and even a quarry. -Hidden surprises - look under a tent to see what’s inside, loot relics from pyramids, and an appearance by the killer giant duck billed platypus, a Legendary Animal. -Audio atmosphere – there’s about 20 triggers in the World Map that control the sounds and music in the game. -Balanced start out - Everyone starts on a small island with a Roc Transport. Everyone also gets 2 sets of the Vision god power to help them choose a location in which to settle in. -Smooth Map Layout - the map is designed to be played like a Random Map, meaning that there are fair settlement areas throughout the map, along with resources and terrain elements to take advantage of in the surroundings. The map is tweaked to be fair from almost every place. -Terrain Elements - there’s cliffs, hills, ditches, rivers, lakes, more cliffs, mountains, valleys, and tundras, all transitioning smoothly throughout the map. Terrains blend, shorelines blend, hills transition, everything looks good more or less.

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