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Call of Duty

WCP Reality


Here we have a great single player mod which has the following features: [quote]The AI(your friends,enemies): -------------------------------- I have made several changes to their
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appearance,things like the use of several helmets with the axis,the hats of the tankguy* and waffen officer(see screens).Axis helmet usage varies,wehrmacht with camo helmet,waffen with clean helmet,wehrmacht officer with helmet,etc. The AI is a little different in behaviour and will use grenades if they have them.Also will they aim and shoot faster and more accurate. Also I noticed that the kar98k sniper rifle was not in use by the axis troops themselves.This is now a fact,the waffen ss nco(regular and winter carries the sniper rifle instead of an mp40,which we see enough of in the game). The weapon of the Airborne guys decide what rank they have: Pvt->M1Garand...Cpl->Bar...Sgt->M1Carbine...Lt->Thompson... The you killed a friend issue: ------------------------------- You know the message,traitor,friendly fire is not tolerated,blah blah.... Now if a friendly is so stupid to walk in your line of fire,the game will continue... Whether you want to slaugther all your friends,I`ll leave that up to you. Sound stuff: -------------- For he/she who didnt notice before:the flak 88 cannon and panzerfaust have the same explosion sounds as the hand grenades. Well,not anymore!Six sounds for flak 88 and three for panzerfaust. The grenades have 13 different sounds instead of the three default sounds: sounds for dirt,water,wood,metal,glass and in-air/-hand. The axis AI was only using about 6 sounds when it came to getting killed and 6 for getting hurt: this 6/6 ratio I have altered to be a ratio of 36(death)/36(pain) sounds. Weapon stuff: ---------------- Weapons have been tweaked on damage,ammo amounts(real wartime amounts created on base of info). The muzzleflashes were too bold in single player,blocking your view(unreal),while the multiplayer flashes are somewhat ok,you have them now in single player.The names of most weapons have been altered.The most noticeable change comes with the grenades:20 guys flying of to space because 1 nade goes off?(totally unreal).Throw a nade at a group of AI,hit one,he`ll feel it and react to it but will never die from it(a nade you can compare as a rock of the same size in weight,so getting one on the arm/head would hurt).On detonation you will notice that the nade might have not killed all the enemies,some are dead,others wounded and some even come out of it in one piece(totally real!). This brings out pain/wouded animations you might have never seen before,watch them crawl around,sitting on their knees in shock and getting terminated at close range by your friends.... The stielgranate(5 seconds) and russian rdg33(4 seconds) grenade have a cook timer(real) and the mills and frag dont(real,have safety clip that releases on throwing the nade). For two bolt action rifles,regular kar98,regular mosin-nagant the following has been altered also: no more partial reloading(looks unreal,1 out of 5 shots fired and you put a whole clip of 5 rounds back in?).You can still put a clip of 5 into the lee-enfield when you have fired more than 5 shots out of 10(real). One more thing:you wont see tracers coming out of pistols,rifles,etc. anymore(totally unreal).Hint: hear weapons fire:take cover and look for muzzleflashes(reality check). [/quote] A great mod thats a worthy download! Grab it now and see what you think :rock:

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