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Goldtrooper (v2)


Here's Shroomy's review of the first version of Goldtrooper: [quote] -SotG=-Bain_Elite brings us a ShadowTrooper reskin with great style! Sure this isn't much more than a recolour, but it was
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done well and with a few extras added. Team colours have been included and are pretty much the reverse of what Raven did for the team colours on this skin. That is, where Raven had it dark and then red, Bain has made it red and then dark. The result is pretty cool, and gives some nice variety over the base skins. The default gold of this skin is beautiful. It seems to have a real shine to it and fits this model quite well. As an extra treat, a 'cloaked' version was included. This is basically a gold, mostly transparant shader that covers the model. The cloak slowly fades in and out and is a really neat effect. As far as simple colour-change reskins go, this is top of it's class.[/quote] There are more fans of the Troopers than I first thought. Personally, I really like the Shadowtrooper. But I'm not a big fan of gold. So ... I'm not all that crazy about this Goldtrooper. At least it's not a bright yellow kind of gold. It has a nice tone to it, but that's pretty much all that's here. He's gold. *shrug* I actually prefer the team skins. They're mostly black with some red or blue details scattered about the skins. There's no bot support, but there are some different sounds. The sounds are all from the game, but they're not what you're used to hearing a Stormtrooper say in multiplayer. So that, at least was refreshing. I completely forgot to take pics of the cloaked skin, but Bain_Elite claims that everyone who's been using the cloaking shader have been doing it all wrong! So, check this skin out if you want to see the right way (according to the author) to do it! ;) Bot Support: No Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: No ~AmosMagee EDIT: I added the cloaked version screenshot. It looks cool enough, but I can't say that I see a difference between this cloaked version and others.

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