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SJ16's Skate Park


Please don't tell me the screenshots are too dark. I can't help it. This map is so dark it's untrue. Those pics were taken on JKA full brightness, and then made even brighter in photoshop. So this
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map is WAY too dark. :( Now the major things that hit me when the level loaded was a) The brightness b) The Arena walls c) The Music. The brightness I have already mentioned, next thing was the arena walls. The whole map is inside what seems to be a giant washing machine-typed device. There's this ring that is constantly spinning around and around. Hogs FPS like a sponge that does, and I havea GeForce 4 with a 3.2ghz PC :o But it looks cool. The noise that is used as ambient sound fits, but gets annoying very quickly and is very distracting. The next thing that hit me was the music. Ever played the Matrix Reloaded maps? Ever heard of the Burly Brawl music? Well it's that, and I am so sick of it - can't people choose original music for their maps? :( The level itself is based on some kind of wacky skatepark in the depths of a huge spinning wheel, ;) It has a load of JKA screenshots taken by the author plastered all over the ramps and stuff (Where am I on those screenshots? :P). There is a also some kind of control room with a very oversized panel in it. Couldn't find anything to press or do though. The arena is small, but it is a duel map, so I would say its an adequate size, plus there's loads of height room for jumps e.t.c Now, I was just about to close the game when I saw a cloud of smoke come from somewhere. So I stuck around and checked everywhere out again. It turns out that every 5-8 turns of the wheel a load of smoke trails kinda puff out of nowhere, and steam across the map. A bit odd, but adds a little something to look at. :) There's also bot support, always welcome in a map :) New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes (We've heard them all before though) Bot Support: Yes ~Szico VII~

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