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Xai Mura Vodorr Skin Pack


This skin contains three skins. Let me first point out that in the last skin pack I reviewed, there was a hidden skin which I did not find - And now I'm in humiliation about it. Not to be beaten, I
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made a pact to check all of every readme file thorougly for any special info. And now I can go Hahah, because the 'hidden' skin in this pack I have found! Maybe it isn't suppossed to be hidden, but it doesn't show up on the character select screen. Anyway, what do I think of them? The first skin was the Padawan Xai skin. It looks too similar to the Obi-Wan Kenobi from Episode II for me tastes, and the only real difference is the face, which still has a lot of resemblances. Also, If I am not mistaken, the clothes haven't changed either. :( The next skin is just called Xai. It look exactly the same as the padawan, except he now has a beard (which looks very good :) ) and no longer dons his little ponytail and bead thing that hangs down from his face. The last skin is the Old Xai. It is a very good skin this, but I am positive I have seen it somewhere before. Im not accusing the author of copying, but it just looks too similar to praise for. I know this is a 'personal' skin pack, but still it needs more originality in order to make it unique. :( All the models have the added ability to wear a rather large and still robe, but only through the console. While this may seem like a top-notch addition, it isn't because the cloak is see-through from the front. It's fine from behind though. :) So overall it's not a bad attempt, but it's not particularly good either :s Download if you like the look of it, if not all you 56k users save your speed fro something more dazzling :) As a final note the taunt may have been a great piece of music from Final Fantasy 7, but doesn't really work as a taunt :p New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: No Team Support: No ~Szico VII~

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