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Vexor Zeth


This 'mod' includes 2 new skins and a replacement for force lightning - Force Flamethrower! :) Each come in seperate pk3's so it's easy to get rid of one or the other. This mod also includes TR
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Tiri's Burning hand pack, although for some reason it doesn't work for me. Am I alone in this? Anyway, back on track. The 2 skins are of 'Vexor Zeth' (duh) and they look sweet. Everyone loves Boba Fett reskins, right? ;) So, its Boba Fett reskinned to a more dark-red kinda colour. Looks very good, especially when you compare it with the story (Which I enjoyed reading -SEE README.) He also has this energy badge thing on his arm. The second skin is basically the same model, but invisible. He's not entirely invisible, but pretty much most of the time. Every now and again, orange 'flames' will lick his body. They don't look particularly flame-like, but oh well. Both of these also come as bots, which have very personalised attack patterns relating to the story. ;) Next up, the force flamethrower. Now this I really do like. Remember the JK2 level where the gravity went off and you had to escape through loads of fire beams and stuff like that? Well, it looks like one of those fire beams. Slows FPS quite a bit though :( It does the same damage, has about the same reach, but looks a lot cooler. Another bug I spotted was that the sound doesn't match the flamethrower. U press the, key, fire comes out of your hand - but no noise until one second after that. And the noise carries on for a second after you finish firing. All Credit to Dark_Maul. :) I cant really say much about the flame-hands, because I can't see em, but I'm sure they've been reviewed as a seperate item somewhere on this site :D Hers's the link to the burning hands on their own. [url=]Burning Hand Technique[/url] UPDATE: I Figured out why the hands didn't work :P They were actually a saber hilt, and not an automatically starting mod. So yay :) Sorry for being dumb Ryamic;) Team Support: Yes Bot Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes ~Szico VII~

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