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JME & JKE Skins 2.0


Take a gander at the review of the first version of this JKE skinpack: [quote] It seems that the Quinlan Vos model is, like, the model to be skinning right now. And so, Jimmy Hawkin went a
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little crazy and skinned 7 different ones. These are all clan skins, but I could see a few of you using them yourselves. Let\'s get the negative part outta the way first. Most of these skins are just recolored. There are a few details added here and there to make it somewhat unique, but don\'t expect a big change from the neck down with these skins. All of the faces are definitely unique. The first guy there has like, a weird shaped scar on one side of his face. The second guy has a fresh-faced look to him. The third one there, looks just like the last guy, but with no facial hair and his whole appearance is light in color. Mmkay, fourth guy has blue hair, blue goatee and blue eyebrows. Love the idea, but it looks like it was painted on with a blue marker. My favorite skin of this pack has to be the fifth one. He\'s older, with gray hair, some cuts on his face and a white goatee. The last two skins are a little freaky. The purple one has some very cool face paint stuff goin\' on. While the eyes make him look evil, the look just reminds me of KISS. And the very last one keeps the same design on the face, but it\'s red. Which gives him that Darth Maul look - which is kinda odd on this model, in my opinion. Overall, I\'d say this is a good clan skin pack. There\'s bot support and team support. There are also some new sounds, though not all of the skins get the new sounds. I probably wouldn\'t have even mentioned the lack of change to the skin\'s body if this hadn\'t been a pack and just seeing them all lined up like that, the fact that they all still look alike just sorta stood out, y\'know? Anyway, good job. Oh, and the author happened to put these skins into an installer. Kinda cool. I scanned it for viruses and it\'s clean.[/quote] Well, it looks like the author had a bit more time on his hands and created, ohhh ... five or six more skins to add to his skin pack here. All but one skin includes a regular, cloaked and cloaked and hooded version and most of the skins, if not all, have team support as well. They\'re all based (except one) on the Quinlan Vos model and they each kinda have their own flavor about them. There isn\'t much difference between the dark side and light side version of the author\'s personal skin here, just that the Sith one has a darker presence about him, and red eyes. The Oblivion skin sorta has an Errol Flynn look to him, with that facial hair. And then there\'s Black Fox, who seems to like to show off his cleav ... er, his chest. A big hit with the ladies? Meh. This skin pack weighs in at a whopping 49MB, so you\'re gonna have to really be impressed with these skins to want to download them. Some have new taunts, others don\'t. And once again the author has submitted this skin pack as an installer, which has been scanned for viruses, of course and it\'s clean. I did notice this little comment in the readme: [quote] When i made thees new Characters i was thinking about what the guy that reviewd my old skin pack on said. The characters look verry alike on the 1.0 skinpack. So i hope thees New skins will stand out abit. [/quote] Well, they don\'t all look alike now at all. The faces do seem to be a bit more varied now, but still, it\'s the same model! That was my only real complaint. Oh, and my video card is crap, I make no qualms about that. :) But maybe it isn\'t my video card that\'s the problem here? No, I\'m kidding. The skins are fine. Good work here, but next time, try mixing it up a bit - play with a few different models. Or, stick with this one. *shrugs* Whatever blows your skirt up. ;) Bot Support: Yes Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: Yes ~AmosMagee

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