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Hidden Valley of the [EJK]


Yay! Another clan map! *cough* Okay, seriously ... this is a decent clan map. Hidden Valley of the [EJK]: Academy Training Grounds ... gah ... that's a long title. Let's just refer to it as Hidden
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Valley. I'm not sure if this is [EJK]Viper-=HC=-'s first map or not, but I didn't find his name on the site - so I'll assume it is. And if that's the case, this is a darn good first map. The first screenshot there shows the requisite bar, with a very colorful dance floor and some very square billiards balls (is there another name for those?). And all of the cue sticks are the same size! I'm too short to use those! Well, it's not like you can really play pool on that table anyway. Okay, so the bar. Looks a bit plain, but here's the coolest part about it: go behind the bar and you'll find a few buttons across the back of it. Press one and a bacta spawns on the bar! Very cool - love that. So then I explored another room and found one that reminds me so much of the room in Griffinclaw's Jedi Council map for JK2. I suppose it's nice to see that the author here got some inspiration from that great map. It's not exactly the same, so I'm still smiling here. :) The next room I ventured into was a training area - appropriate, considering that this is a training map. ;) There are several guns to choose from, but limited ammo. I don't quite understand why some of the guns that he chose are there - some aren't made for target practice, in my opinion. The targets on the far side of the room move back and forth, up and down and even in circles, I think. If only the shots were to leave a black mark so you'd know if you hit the target or not. They didn't leave marks for me at all. Or maybe my aim so bad that I didn't even hit the wall! *gasp* There's this one room that's just a big curved pit thing. That's about all I can say about that. Mmkay, so then I found a dojo-like room that almost reminded me again of the Jedi Council map, but this one has a very different element to it - you can spawn NPC's to fight here. One little detail I noticed is that the door to this room doesn't just open - you have to hit your use button to open it. I assume that's to keep the NPC's from escaping. Very cool. There are four buttons on the side wall for you to choose a single saber, dual sabers or staff duelist to fight. Then there was this other room and I know I've seen something like this before - but it wasn't done as well (I mean in the other map). There are several rotating, um, things in this room with a grate platform at top. At the top of the staircase is a lovely clock with hands that move - nice touch. :) Down below are several thrones and some ornamentation here and there that suit the map's theme. One thing that seemed out of place here was the group of trees with a little campfire in the middle ... inside a building ... on a stone floor. *scratches head* Yeah, just seems a little odd. But I still like it. Across from that is a wading pool surrounded by more trees and benches. And then there's outside. Out here you'll find swoops and ships to fly around a vast field that has a very cool edge to it. If you often lose control of your vehicle and go smashing into a wall, no worries here - you fly into a border, and you're simply transported high above the field and you just float back down. Your land might be a bit jarring, but you won't crash into anything. This is also a clever way of keeping the swoops and ships in the place they're supposed to be - outside. :P There's also a dueling pad high up, some spectating areas and lower there's another duel pad that has a spinning center. The design is nice. I like it. :) Holy crap this is a long review. Well, it is a big map. There are many areas for FFA's and duels and even just hang out and RP if that's your thing. I enjoyed exploring this map and I think it might become a favorite among many. Unfortunately, my FPS averaged at about 20-30 most of the map. :/ *kicks video card* Yes, I will upgrade soon. Though I think it's more about my proces- never mind. So, overall, great clan map. I don't recall seeing one clan tag anywhere in this map! Yay for that! I think I've said enough. I'm going to bed now. G'night. Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA ~AmosMagee

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