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Hoodless Blood-Merk (v2?)


Take a look at the very confusing first review of the Hoodless Blood-Merk: [quote] Mmkay, I'm not even sure where to start with this skin. Okay, we'll start with the JK2 version. The Blood Merk
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skin for JK2 got a great rating and a decent review. Many people seemed to like it and I'm not disputing that it's a good skin job. There is just something about the skin that I, personally, don't like at all. Okay, I'm gonna take that back. The skin is fine, I don't like the face. Now about the JK3 version. It's very different from the JK2 version. The face still has that creepy dead look to it, but the skin is just, in my opinion, awful. The textures on the skin are like, a collage of crap. Whites, browns, weird textures here and there. Maybe an explanation of what all of that is supposed to be, in the readme, would help. Anyway, this skin really isn't worth downloading since it has no team support or bot support. It does have a custom taunt, but the taunt doesn't work. Okay, now get this. Take a look at the readme. Look familiar? Yeah, that's the readme that came with the JA 1.011 patch. I'm thoroughly confused at this point. Oh well. Download if you want, but I suggest you pass on this one. Oh, and I'm not even sure it's the same author. I'm thinkin' it isn't, but without a real readme, I can't tell one way or the other. :/[/quote] Right, so, the reason I didn't remove the first version of this skin is because it is the same author. He just didn't include the proper readme, so I had no idea who he was or anything. This second version hasn't changed except for ... wait ... nothing has changed. So why am I updating this skin? Well, it does have a proper readme this time around. There are a bunch of new sounds, which really don't fit the skin itself, but that doesn't matter one way or the other anyway. None of the sounds worked. The taunt was just the boring "Take that". Disappointing. Anyway, I changed the name of the author to TpS_Sithrouge1, which is only slightly confusing because TpS_Sithrouge is the same author. Shouldn't be too confusing though. :) So, anyhow, here's the same exact skin that TpS_Sithrouge submitted before, but like, with more sounds, I think. Bot Support: No Team Colors: No New Sounds: Yes, but ... uh. ~AmosMagee

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