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XceLenZ Clan Map


KaBeRnA created this map for his clan, XceLenZ. It\'s a small FFA map with the focal point of the map being the pub or bar area. However, I can\'t imagine spending much time in there myself. This
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whole map just kinda, well, let\'s talk about what\'s here. Okay, so they switched the colors for Imperials and Rebels in the game, didn\'t they? So red is Imperial and blue is Rebel? I think that\'s right. Well, anyway, I spawned in the red room. At first, I kinda thought this might be an interesting map. The scratched symbol on the wall, the low lights. A cross in the middle of the room. Kind of puzzling, but okay. I went into the small hallway - which was just a bit too small, in my opinion. The doors just didn\'t seem wide enough either. And so coming out of a dimly lit room like that, I enter one that has pink, yellow and green letters spelling out the word pub on the opposite wall. Certainly not what I expected. A large table in the middle of the room held ammo and a small, weird statue thing. On either wall were small platforms and in the center up high, was a large tube/pipe thing. Meh. So I go into the pub. The sides of the bar don\'t look bad. I kinda like the square stools. But the whole room is just boring. If it weren\'t for the flashing lights, nothing would be going on in here at all. I suppose I don\'t need to mention the missing textures. The only intriguing part about this map was the beginning. Unfortunately, this map just doesn\'t deliver. Hopefully, KaBeRnA\'s next attempt will be better. This map is too small for an FFA - it\'s just three tiny rooms that just don\'t do anything for me. When a map is this small, I guess I expect a little eye candy, y\'know? Sorry KaBeRnA, but this map just falls short of satisfactory. Better luck next time. Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA ~AmosMagee

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