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The Senate of the ORb


Now here\'s an interesting map. Yes, it\'s a clan map. Orb says it\'s based on a map that he made for his clan in JK2 so the leaders of the clan could have meetings without interruptions. The map
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features one main hall with large flags hanging on either side, and one door. Getting to the main area is at least, not boring. Orb makes use of some nice textures and colors and makes the lights in some of the hallways seem almost like works of art. So yeah, then you get to the main room which happens to be a bathroom. Yup. A bathroom. I have no idea what the center thing is. I guess I should\'ve explored that a bit more, but I was curious about the stalls. I didn\'t quite expect a toilet to be a transporter. But yup. The toilet took me to the ... um ... what do you call it? Like, the secret senate meeting place thingy. And in the center of this huge room was this enormous clan tag symbol thing spinning. Naturally, I tried to jump on it. Why do I do that every time?? So yeah, I fell. I always fall. It was a long fall and I expected to hear my scream at anytime, but it didn\'t come. In fact, when I landed, my fall was cushioned. Yay! I was gonna live! Yeah, not so much. Waiting for me down below were three very large, very scary-looking Wampas. And, yeah, they looked hungry. Luckily, they\'re not all that bright and they started attacking each other. But I didn\'t find a way back up. *shrug* Oh well. Is this a map I\'d add to my rotation? No. It\'s a clan map that doesn\'t have a whole lot going on. I\'m not complaining, it\'s just not a map for me. It does have some fun little features, and I probably didn\'t discover everything the map had to offer, but I just didn\'t see enough in this map that would keep me or my regulars interested for long, y\'know? It\'s a small map made for a specific purpose. And it serves that purpose just fine. :) Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, Duel, Powerduel ~AmosMagee

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