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The Battle of LA 2


It\'s probably not a secret that I wasn\'t fond of Battle of LA by Orbitius. I won\'t explain why here. If you\'re curious, just check out the review of that map for JK2. Now, Battle of LA 2 is made
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for JA and I think I like it a bit better than JK2. Let\'s just go over the map here, first. As you can see from the screenshots, this map has the same look as the first Battle of LA map. The streets are a little smaller, the streetlights seem bigger and the whole thing seems less serious. I\'m not sure how to explain that. Um, it looks more cartoony, I guess. Anyway, the textures used are perfect. The walls look like they\'re crumbling, the windows are either broken or boarded up and the buildings look as though they\'ll fall over any moment. The file cabinets in that one room look amazing. There\'s a stack of money on one area and a stack of something else - not sure what, but I\'m not gonna speculate. :) Outside is this dirt patch with something next to it, but I don\'t know what they\'re supposed to be. They\'re untextured. :( And then there\'s the subway. I don\'t know if those cardboard boxes have been used on other maps or not, but I\'m impressed with the detail on them. There are movie posters everywhere and it looks like only one of them is backwards. But it\'s like, the most important one! Oh well. :) The subway cars look great, and of course, at the end you\'ll see that it\'s been derailed. Even the tracks look great. Orbitius is great with details. Another thing you\'ll find plastered all over the map are posters and signs that make either LA\'s or Orbitius\' political stance quite clear. I really wish that part had been left out. When I play JK2 or JA, I don\'t want to talk politics, or be reminded of them. I\'m trying to escape from those things when I play! Y\'know? Anyway, it\'s a decent map, but not my taste. The FPS was fine, so I have no real complaints about this map at all. Like I said, there was so much detail everywhere, so the map looks great. It\'s just not a map that I would enjoy playing. :) Regardless, good work. :) Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA, CTF, Duel, Powerduel ~AmosMagee

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