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Ryoken Start-up Screen


Wolf previously reviewed this file: [quote] Start up screen’s aren’t the most popular of mods for anyone but they are a good way of getting started skinning wise, and in fact making start-up
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screens is how I started skinning my self. This is Ryoken Y.’s first start up screen, yet unlike with other authors first work’s its remarkably complete. The actual design of the background is simple and resembles the model icons from Jedi Academy, but in blue. However the image is a poor quality and you can see where the colours are supposed to merge together but, don’t. The sound when you load the start up screen is easily my favourite thing about the start-up simply because it reminds me of EVA from Command & Conquer. Unfortunately the word ‘Star Wars’ doesn’t quite fit properly as part of it is covered by the bar (unsure of what it’s technically called) at the top ~Wolf New Buttons: No New Sounds: Yes New Image: Yes [/quote] The only thing changed in this update is Ryoken replaced the \'start\' sound with the one he originally intended to be in... which is odd as that was one of the elements Wolf really liked, as indicated in his review of this file. As a professional graphic designer, I do have a number of suggestions/comments about this file. 1) The colours just don\'t work. The deep red and yellow would go fine with the back ground, but the cyan just clashes like crazy! If you want to use a blue, I\'d suggest trying to pull a light blue from the background image itself. However, with the background being such a rich, dark blue where you have text, I personally would have done the text in white. 2) Layout of elements is poor. Nothing lines up and justification is out the window! Bring the \'Star Wars\' text down about 70 pixels or so, so it has the same amount of space between it and the title bar as it does between it and the left side. Line up \'Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast\' with the left side of \'Star Wars\'. This is called \'left justification\'. For your name at the bottom, either left or right justify this. You are currently center justifying it, and that rarely works with existing left or right justifications. Also raise it from the bottom a bit so it\'s half way between the buttons and the bottom. 3) I\'d get rid of the underlines you have on all the text, or expand the underlines into more of a visual theme. Only use one colour for all the underlines, and maybe try stretching them to the edge of the screen. Perhaps all the way to the right for one, then alternate and stretch that one to the left. Also the embossing on the text is too fine for the impact I think you were going for. The way it is now it looks more like an aliasing issue than an emboss. Don\'t be afraid to do a heavier emboss on the text. Good luck and I look forward to your next submission! :) New Buttons: No New Sounds: Yes New Image: Yes -ShroomDuck

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