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Castle Reflex


Y\'know what really bugs me? How indecisive I am! There are some points to this map that I really like, and some things about this map I dislike. So I can\'t really give you a thumbs up or down on
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this one. There\'s not a screenshot of the area that you spawn into, but it\'s just this low FPS room with lots of transporters and there\'s nothing all that interesting about the room anyway. No room for dueling or FFA\'s or anything. It\'s just a room to get you to one of the other places in the map. The castle only resembles a castle from the top. There\'s a weird blinking pink/purple disc thing on it that just doesn\'t fit. And then there\'s a very colorful flag that also serves as an eye sore. I assume that the overuse of the textures (bland textures, at that) was to keep FPS high, but I dunno. Usually I don\'t mind when people use textures over and over. I\'m probably more tolerant of that than most - but not in this case. This map has very little appeal to me visually. The area outside in the snow is quite vast. There are swoops and tauntauns all over to help you cover the ground to a tower in the distance. Before you even enter the tower, you\'ll hear the roar of a Wampa. The other transports in the main room will take you just to other parts of the castle. There are some decent areas for dueling and FFAing. And since there aren\'t many transporters, it\'s easy to remember which one goes where. Especially one. Yeah, I have a bone to pick with you, Reflex! Usually when you approach a big monster that wants you for a snack and your bones to pick his teeth, you\'ll hear him around a corner. Like the Wampa. I knew what I was gonna encounter there. But not with the Rancor. Nope. I just go through a transporter and suddenly, there\'s a Rancor grabbing for me. What is it with mappers and Rancors now? Sheesh. The novelty has definitely worn off for me. Okay, so there\'s plenty to do on this map, there are many places to duel and FFA, or you can kill a Wampa or Rancor. Or just run around on tauntauns. This is supposed to be a castle, but it barely looks like a castle to me. I\'m happy with the FPS, and the several places to play and the variety of things to do - but I don\'t like the map itself. But I do look forward to seeing your next work. :) Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA ~AmosMagee

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