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World Domination


Orbitius\' maps are always hit-and-miss with me. I really liked Outcast Palace II, Temple of the Damned and even the Clocktower one (in spite of the FPS issues) - but I dislike the other half of the
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maps he\'s made. So, let\'s see which way I\'ll go on this map. World Domination is a map that was made to prove to you that Orbitius owns you. Yup. He and his Jawa army. I love a mapper with a sense of humor ... hehe. Okay, so in the first screenshot, you\'ll see a big building with a revolving door. That is Orb Global HQ. Everywhere are posters that advertise for [MODSECT], which normally would annoy me, but considering the theme for the map, it does make sense. And the posters look great! Outside are ramps that will take you up to turret cannons that will detect you quickly and will fire continously. Orbitius thinks this makes for a great CTF. I didn\'t test CTF on this map, but I think it does an add a fun challenge. If you take an elevator up inside the building, you\'ll just find a control room, but turn a few corners and ... gah! Again, with the Rancors. Seriously, what is it with you guys and the Rancors!? I didn\'t even hear this one and he was just like, there. After fleeing from the beast, I found myself in like, a nuclear warhead kinda room. Not surprisingly, there is a big red button. Curiousity killed the cat ... but not this kitty. I didn\'t press the button. You guys can. :P I don\'t recall how I found my way to the basement, but there are these Jawas just, standing there. It\'s eerie, really. Then I found the factory where Orbitius apparently has Chemical X produced and Jawa Juice. I\'d heard rumors about what Jawa Juice was made of, but I never believed it - \'til now. Okay, so add this map to the list of maps by Orbitius that I like. Except for his pet Rancor, Fluffy, I like everything about this map. Like I said, I didn\'t test CTF on this map, but I imagine it\'s a lot of fun. Part of the reason the file is so big is because of the music. It makes up for almost 10MB of this map. But it\'s worth it. The music included is not what I expected for a map like this. It\'s a very calm and peaceful classical piece - at first. But it builds up, and has this military feel in the background. Maybe it\'s just me, I dunno. Then the music falls again to a wistful sound - almost innocent. Then it sounds a bit proud or patriotic, maybe both. And then the track gets darker, more frantic and intense. I think this is the most I\'ve ever said about music in a map. It really is an interesting choice, though I\'m not sure who it\'s by. The only other map to have such great music added to it was the TMBJ clan map for JK2. Great work, Orbitius! What\'s next? :) Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, CTF ~AmosMagee Ps. Mmkay, so I read the readme again, but this time I paid attention and I see that the music is Tchaikovsky\'s \"Marche Slave\". So ... yeah.

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