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Jedi Hangout Beta 1


Let\'s just start the review of this map off with the description of it. Then I\'ll get into the positives and negatives of the map. Created by CrazySketch, Jedi Hangout is a map that supports FFA,
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TFFA, CTF and JM! In the first screenshot you see a decent-sized dueling pad in the middle. There\'s something in the center of that pad, but I still can\'t figure out what it is. I couldn\'t pick it up, and the object wouldn\'t show up either. There are catwalks all around, and small platforms levitating around the pad to watch duels taking place. Turn around and you\'ll find an interesting overhang to the two large doors that open into a hallway with half a dozen screenshots from the game. Watch your step into the next room - the bottom of the door doesn\'t go all the way down, and so you can\'t just walk across, you\'ll need to hop over. Here\'s another dueling area, with more places to view the duel. But with the press of a button, you and your opponent could drop into the pool hidden below. You should be able to find your way back out easily enough though. There\'s a large room with a white staircase and a throne that is accessible from below or above. I almost didn\'t see one small door that led to a library. Take the stairs up and you\'ll find this quiet little area with a desk and chair. Finally, there\'s a bar with a ... well, let\'s just call it a stage for performances. There\'s a dressing room in back for the ... \"performers\" and if you take one of the small elevators up, you\'ll end up above the bar in a very white room. The last two pics are just to show you where the flag bases are for CTF. Now, going back to the beginning, the small platforms that hover around the dueling pad - most of them have these flames under them. Some of the flames go off and on, some are constant and one platform doesn\'t even have a flame under it. I still have no idea what\'s in the center of the dueling pad, nor do I know why I can\'t pick it up. The frames around the pictures in the hallway use the same texture that\'s used for a floor and a ceiling. That just ... bugs me. The door at the bottom sticking out would get to be a great annoyance. The pool under the dueling pad in that one room doesn\'t seem to serve much of a purpose. You fall in, you go through some hallways and more doors and you pop up in the back of the bar (dressing room, rather). The only reason I see the library being used is if people wanted to get away from dueling, or noise or something. So I guess it\'s a good addition. The bar doesn\'t really have that bar atmosphere. The textures used for the rest of the place are all used in here, and it\'s a bit too bright for the type of place you\'re trying to recreate here. Speaking of textures, some are just overused and don\'t really work with the areas that you\'re placing them, in my opinion. Now the great thing about this map is that it does have decent FPS in most areas. And there\'s a variety of places to duel and have an FFA. Used as a CTF map, it\'d be a fast game since the bases are so close to each other. And, please, correct me if I\'m wrong, but I found no weapons anywhere. How can you play Jedi Master without guns!? Granted, I didn\'t test that game type, but I\'m assuming since they didn\'t show up in the FFA or CTF, that there probably aren\'t any for JM either. Okay, I guess I was a tad harsh there. CrazySketch did mention that this is Beta 1 version of this map, so I\'m glad that he plans on making improvements and soon updating this map. So if you guys have any suggestions, post a comment or email CrazySketch so he can get some good, constructive criticism from us. :) Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA, CTF, JM ~AmosMagee

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