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{RSF} Homebase v1.0


{RSF}FireStarter-SM brings us the {RSF}HomeBase version 1.0. This map has a few rooms so I\'ll start with the room I started in. You start in the corner of some big room that looks to me to be
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like some sort of main area or something, with ramps going up to the second floor and a really big cylinder thing with windows in it. So what do we do? We go up to the second floor of course! So up the ramp we go. The first thing I came accross up there was a door that lead to a bar type room it looks like. Sadly this room along with a lot of others has a bunch of missing textures, but there is a lot of health and a weird water door let\'s go into the water door thing. If you swim down it takes you to a room seperated into 4 parts by glass walls. The only way into the other compartments is to go back into the water tube thing. These glass walled rooms don\'t seem to serve any special purpose, so back up we go. Now we\'re back in the bar place and there\'s a door frame but no door, so lets jump into it. If you jump into it you get teleported to a cool room with everything on the ceiling, and what looks to be a light on the floor. Again we have some missing textures in this room. Okay so we leave the bar area and walk along the upper floor for a while and come accross a hall with a door at each end. So I go left first. What do we find here...another bar thing...Deja vu? there\'s not much in there other than health so let\'s go to the other side...Hrmm...there\'s more drinks on the wall and a ramp that goes up to nothing and a huge RSF in orange on the wall...not to let\'s leave. If you go down to the bottom floor again there\'s a door so we go through it and this takes us to what looks to be a large duel area with RSF on the floor and a weird bubble thing on the roof. All in all this map gets boring after a bit of play, one because there\'s no music, and two because it\'s mostly bars...which leads me to believe this clan has some serious drinking problems. The lighting isn\'t that great in some places and the missing textures take away from the maps overall feel. Keep trying {RSF}FireStarter-SM. Bot Support: No New Music: No New Textures: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA SanosuKe

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