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ARSR Sniper Beach 2


[ARSR] Clan Map - ARSR Sniper Beach 2 ARSR_Sniperbeach_2 is a port of the popular beach invasion map, MP_Beach.  This map is redesigned for snipers, with several new areas for hiding and
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stealthy movement. Teamwork is recommended, and patience is usually required.  The terrain itself has not been modified; rather we have added objects to the basic map and removed all objectives.   Additions: By far the most popular addition is \"The ZONE\", an area at the back of the axis base that allies have access to. Also included are areas on both sides of the map for allies and axis in the mountains. The map has several new structures.  There is a bridge leading to a portal for access to the axis mountains which overlook the beach, and a similar portal by the hill leading to the opposite mountains, which have access to the back of the axis base.  This forces both teams to watch their backs, unless they are in the mountains.  Even though it may seem axis can access the beach and allies can access the base, under normal circumstances crossing over to the enemy\'s side is not possible.  Spectators have access to both sides though, through a small hole in the invisible barrier over the forward bunker.   Other structures include a wooden addition to the area behind the forward bunker, and three new hideouts on the beach. One being the Captured Axis Bunker, when you walk through the door look in the far right hand corner and drop a grenade there, part of the wall and part of the floor will crumble away giving you access from the water, you can blow this wall up from either side, any explosives (panzers, grenades, and dynamite) will destroy it, but nothing else. Several ladders were added to the for ease of movement.   Surprises: \"The Lounge\" and \"The Death Chamber\", you\'ll have to solve those riddles on your own. There are also hidden portals for each team, two for each, you have to discover them on your own, they are used for quick movement across the map.   ENJOY!!!!

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