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Staff Converted (v7.1)


Hmmm. This mod seems so familiar. OH! That\'s because I just reviewed it last week! I thought it was the final version. This just proves how wrong I was. Here\'s, like, Szico\'s review and mine:
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[quote] Szico VII seemed to like version 4 of this mod: Quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a very cool mod It enales you to have a two-bladed lightsaber , or two, two-bladed lightsabers, instead on a single bladed lightsaber, or two single bladed lightsabers. Understand? Getting confusing yet? Anyway, basically it looks really cool and allows you to use styles only availabe for the sigle bladed lightsaber, such as \'strong\' or \'fast\' with a double bladed one. Like the author admits in the readme, the blade tends to go through your character when you swing it, and unfortunately there seems to be a problem with the textures/shaders on the custom hilts, so they dont show up like they should. Another nice touch is that you can still throw the lightsabers at your opponents, it it very good to see the double blade spinning around and slicing your mystified opponents apart. Apart from this though, everything looks polished, and it is also compatible for Single Player mode. Great Job, I look forward to the final version! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It seems that Szico VII was impressed by this mod, but he was still looking forward to the final version. I can\'t remember seeing the other previous versions of this mod, but it sounds like 6.0 might be the last update. But don\'t quote me on that. All that\'s been changed here is the standing stance for the staff and the texture problem. Oh, and the author says that the brokens staffs work now. So if you\'re a fan of this mod, get the latest version. [/quote] Okay, anyone wanna place bets on this being Vouksh\'s final version? I\'m gonna wager that we\'ll be seeing at least one more update, maybe two! ;) Anyway, it seems that Vouksh changed his mind about the crystal sabers and removed those. He\'s also shortened the length of the hilts and reduced their width by 75%. There\'s one addition to the mod - the \"lazer shield\". It does look cool, but it\'s fairly useless - especially if you use it as a single saber ... hehe. Unfortunately, I found that there were textures missing. :( I also found this in the readme though: \"It’s only in it’s beta stages so don’t be too mad.\" Soooo ... my guess is the update is in the works. :) ~AmosMagee

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