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Conquest of the Farland Islands


My first review, so get used to my format. REVIEW: When you think of resource gathering, you probably think about sending a peasant to a tree or gold mine. This is fine and all, but not very
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realistic. What happens to the lumber and gold from there? Conquest of the Farland Islands creates a completely new way of resource gathering, one that will hopefully catch on. You begin the game in a port with only a boat. All you have is a magic harbor in a box, 3 picks, a sword, and ship plating. You then move out to find an island to claim as your own. When you build you harbor, you gain access to 3 villagers and a pack horse. Then comes the first new step. The villagers can't do anything, but when given a pick, become a peasant, or when given a sword, a footman. This is where the second new step comes in. After you build a lumber mill and start cutting wood, you're lumber will increase. This lumber is standard lumber, and can be used to build things. However, if you place a peasant into the lumber mill, you start producing Lumber as Items, so it can be loaded onto a ship. The ship can return to one of two ports, where you then recieve payment for it. Ore works the same way, expect you must buy a mine. Then the Ore can be used to make items such as picks and swords, or be sold. Another new idea implemented here is that when you kill any Naga, they become slaves for you, or you can purchase them. Here lies the first problem; the slaves can't build, but can only work. And another problem; to receive villagers, you must wait until 12 o'clock game time, and you recieve them based on how many houses you have. If you currently have more food than you can support, then you don't receive any villagers. Another problem is when you enter a port with Ship armor or Ship weapons, you have to sell them when you enter. Another point is that the map is small, and when you're playing with eight people, leaves little room for expansion. And the final problem I'm gonna mention is lack of items. The only items in the map are portions of a treasure map. The treasure map is one of three ways to win, but are very hard to find, especially with eight players at one time. KillR's Final Words: A good, balanced map that shows new meaning to resource gathering and unit training. KillR's Recommendation: I strongly suggest downloaded this map. It is one of the most inovatative and immersive maps available for Warcraft 3 these days. -KillR NOTE: Screenshots coming shortly.

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