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Warcraft III Patch [Chinese Simp.]


Changes in the Reign of Chaos version 1.13 Patch 1.13: FEATURES • Warcraft III now supports binding an email address to your account so that you can recover your password at a later
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stage, similar to the functionality that was added to D2. MAPS • (2)Plunder Isle - Added some ground-based anti-air units to the Dragon camps; also added some trees to the top start location. • (4)Lost Temple - Adjusted item drop in center area. Expansion gold mines should be a bit tougher. Each player\'s expansion gold mine now has one melee creep. The Goblin Merchant camp is now tougher and has anti-air. BALANCE CHANGES • Human o Storm Bolt stun is now 5 seconds vs. units and 3 seconds vs. Heroes at all levels. Previously, it had this level of stun at level 1, but went up 2 seconds vs. units and one second vs. Heroes each level. Additionally, level-2 and level-3 damage are now 225 and 350, respectively. o Blizzard is now damage capped. This damage cap is invoked when Blizzard hits more than 5 targets. o Holy Light mana cost reduced to 65 from 75. • Orc o Stasis Trap area of effect reduced to 400 from 500. o Shockwave now has a damage cap of roughly 12 units affected. Note that this limit will not typically be reached except in team games. • Night Elf o Detonate mana drain reduced to 50 from 100. o Eating trees now heals 500 hit points over 30 seconds, up from 200 hit points over 10 seconds. • Neutral Buildings and Units o Creep Bloodlust mana cost increased to 75 from 50. o Creeps with Faerie Fire always use the creep version of Faerie Fire now. Additionally, creep Faerie Fire cooldown increased to 8 from 5. o Creep Curse cooldown increased to 8 from 5. o Thunder Lizard cost increased to 6 food from 5, and 150 lumber from 80 lumber. • Items o Sentry Wards now have 2 charges, down from 3. o Anti-magic Potion duration increased to 15 from 10. o Healing Wards and Ankh of Reincarnation are now level-4 items (down from 5). o Red Drake Egg, Stone Token and Spiked Collar are now level-5 items, up from level 4. • Other o We have made modifications to how gold is mined. Although these changes are somewhat difficult to describe, the effect is that in almost all cases, 5 peons are required for an Orc or Human to mine a gold mine at maximum efficiency (assuming the town hall equivalent is as close as possible). WORLD EDITOR FEATURES/IMPROVEMENTS • General o Map-specific option for game data set to be used (custom vs. melee). o Model selection dialog now includes all doodad/destructible variations. o Added preference for \"Automatically zoom Previewer to fit new models\" (Visual tab). o Added \"Advanced->Reset Fixed Object Heights\" option. (Turn off to preserve any fixed object heights [set via ctrl-page up/down] while moving them.) o Increased maximum texture space for tilesets (was 12, now 13). • Trigger Editor o Increased maximum length of trigger comments (was 640, now 2048). o \"Event Response - Triggering Player\" is now valid during \"Dialog - Dialog Button Click\" events. o Added special doodad animation tags \"show\" and \"hide\". o Added Map Flag value \"Observers on defeat\". • Sound Editor o Added Edit->Find command (works on sound/music list and variable list). • Object Editor o Option to sort objects by name only (View->Sort Objects By Name). o Holding down Shift while modifying a numerical value will disable all min/max limits for that field (use with caution; this can potentially crash the game!). o Tech Item dialog allows selection of special multi-unit \"Equivalents\" (any Altar, etc.). o New unit fields for tier-based tech tree requirements. WORLD EDITOR FIXES • General o Item Tables dialog is accessible from Unit Properties dialog. o Pre-placed summoned units count towards creep camp minimap icons. o \"Extra->Cinematic Arthas\" model file reference is invalid. o Game lock-up when decreasing level of \"Attribute Bonus\" ability. o Excessive performance loss when units and start locations overlap. o Doodad \"fixed height\" status is not preserved across undo operations. o Pre-placed random units may have their team color set to red in game, regardless of owner. o Unit Properties dialog does not display mana value for buildings with mana. o Moving a start location which is on top of another start location can cause duplicate start locations. o Random Group references used for dropped items are not displayed properly in the Object Manager. o View menu does not always refresh properly after changing layers. o Advanced->Adjust Cliff Levels does not adjust water height along withterrain. • Trigger Editor o Unit event \"Uses an item\" does not fire for items with unlimited charges. o Attempting to enable a trigger does not properly validate that the trigger script compiles. o Action \"Skip Remaining Actions\" can cause compile errors if used as a parameter to another function. o \"Event Response - Target Point Of Issued Order\" becomes reset after a \"Wait\" action. o Function menu appears in the dialog for setting variable initial values. o \"Automatically create unknown variables when pasting\" option does not work for \"Set Variable\" actions. o Deleting functions may corrupt the strings within other \"cut\" functions (manifest after pasting). o \"Event Response - Learned Skill Level\" result is off by one for all levels greater than one. o Variables dialog sorting by Initial Value does not sort properly. o Map Flag value \"Observer chat\" is obsolete and causes compile errors. • Sound Editor o There is no way to remove imported sounds. • Object Editor o Custom \"Required Animation Names\" values do not display properly in the editor (works in game). o Character limit on extended tooltip fields is too small (was 300, now 1024). o Custom values of \"Techtree - Requirements - Levels\" field are not loaded properly in game. o Hotkey field not allowed to be empty. o Changing an object \"category\" does not automatically refresh the field list, if necessary. o \"Stats - Build Time\" values less than 8 cause Heroes to be unable to revive. o Object tabs do not always refresh properly after importing \"all\" object data file. o Buildings with no pathing map crash the game. o Auto Fill dialog allows any character for hotkey fields. o \"Art - Scaling Value\" is not applied to building placement cursor in game. o Pasting \"True\" values over \"False\" values does not work. NOTES: • Replays are incompatible between major game revisions (1.12 replays cannot be viewed with the 1.13 version of Warcraft III). Custom save games will not load from version 1.12.

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