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Hangar Complex 3


Ah the wonderful nostalgia that a good jk2 map brings...I miss jk2, even though I enjoy Jedi Academy\'s flexible interface most of the time I find myself wondering why jk2\'s modding couldn\'t be as
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good. Well, on to more pressing issues, I bring to you Hangar Complex 3 (hereto referred as HC3). Startana wastes no time establishing his mapping ability in this map. The structure is very detailed and fluid, the rooms aren\'t quite pointless and it feels like a Hangar alright. Complex it may be, but simplistic is the gameplay. The main room has an elevator leading to a lower fighting level, and a Lambda shuttle sitting underneath the main connection room. This room leads slickly down a hallway (with several doors branching off into tiny, useless rooms) into yet another large room. This room is my favorite room. The use of shaders and effects can\'t be denied here, as a grated walkway humbles itself around a central pylon of lightning and energy. If only you could throw someone into them...*sigh*. This is easily the best room in the entire map, since unlike the other rooms...the space is actually used and utilized well enough to keep you interested in fighting there. Leading past this room... Is another hallway, leading to other pointless rooms, with 3 elevators. The middle elevators take you to a central command center above each particular room (said rooms can be access by doors just ahead of the elevators). I\'m not sure what the point of this center is but it certainly adds to the feel that this is indeed a station. The problem lies in the rooms themselves. They are large, and they have ships in them...but nothing else. No platforms to jump around on, no crates to hide behind...the rooms, other than the ships, are virtually identical. A few suggestions I would like to add are to fill these rooms up (mind you this is an \'incomplete version\') and to make the map feel more complete. The author was wrong in losing interest in the map, as it is visually beautiful...just virtually unplayable. The third elevator takes you to the top floor, where the Star Wars theme fades and in fades the Zelda theme. On the left side of the room, you have the beautiful Master Sword model entombed in the stone; on the right side - Kyle\'s floating lightsaber. There\'s plenty of room to jump and move around up here, but again: it seems as if gameplay was not thought of when this map was made. Whether or not we\'ll see another version (hopefully for Jedi Academy, which is so much better for mapping than JK2) remains to be seen. One thing is clear: for a hangar, this map certainly needs to clear some ships and staff out and make room for playability. - Chrono New Sounds: No New Textures: Yes (new shader) Bot Support: No

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